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Adult Halloween party games need to offer more thrills than just bobbing for apples. You'll need to throw a few genuine frights and supernatural elements into the mix.
By Alice Langholt
You can try this fun game at your Super Bowl party.
By Amy Harney
Adult party games might be even more fun than party games for the kids if you choose your party game wisely. When your party game fits the crowd you're entertaining, you're sure to have a great time.
By Alice Langholt
When people are at a party and don't know each other, the party can start too slowly, but fun icebreakers can get people talking to each other immediately.
By Alice Langholt
Playing games for seniors is a good way to help them stay active and socialize. Active seniors can do more physically, but for a mixed crowd it's best to choose party games for seniors that can be played sitting down. 
By Alice Langholt
Most people dread the adult Christmas party games at the office bash or family get-together. However, good Christmas games can transform a stuffy party into a memorable event, and several of these adult party games may soon become a tradition.
By Jennifer Maughan
Adult birthday party games can liven up any birthday party that is at risk of turning dull. The best games to play at a birthday party should honor the birthday guy or gal and get everyone involved in the festivities.
By Alice Langholt
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