Party Games for Seniors

Playing games for seniors is a good way to help them stay active and socialize. In choosing the party games, it's a good idea to involve a senior in the planning. That way, music and question choices can be specifically chosen to match the knowledge and time frame of the guests. Active seniors can do more physically, but for a mixed crowd it's best to choose party games for seniors that can be played sitting down. Here are some suggestions and a few variations to mix it up.

Okay, everyone knows that seniors enjoy playing bingo. But try changing the prizes to be something useful, such as a box of tea, nice toiletries, a basket of fruit, a word search book, or knitting supplies.

Name that Tune
This is a crowd favorite with seniors, especially since you will choose songs that they knew "back when". It's a nostalgic favorite, and they might also enjoy if after naming the tune, it can be played in its entirety so everyone can sing along. This is great if you can have a live pianist, but someone acting as DJ can do equally well.

For this game, choose categories that will appeal to the seniors. Think along the lines of "Presidents," "Movies," "Wives' Tales," "Music", etc. Come up with five relevant questions for each category, give the questions a point value 100-500, and let them play in teams, choosing a question and trying for the points.

Who Was I Then?
Have everyone bring a picture of themselves from their young adult years or childhood. Line the pictures up on a table, and have everyone try to match the pictures from "then" with the people there. You can make it easier by having recent pictures of the guests to match them up. Let the guests mingle and try this one together rather than taking turns.

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