Spectacular Buffet Table Decorating Ideas

Buffet table decorating ideas are nothing short of an art. You'll need to add flair without going over the top. It's good to aim for simplicity when you're setting up your buffet table, but that doesn't mean you can't be creative. Map out your thoughts ahead of time, and put together a list of items you'll need to set up the best buffet table ever.

Plates and Silverware
Start with matching silverware. Utensils should be put at the front of the buffet table, along with sturdy plates and napkins. You can put the utensils either in baskets, cups or other types of silverware holders. Another alternative is to wrap a knife and fork in a napkin, tie it with a piece of twine and set the napkin in a basket. At the opposite end of the table, you'll want to round up all your condiments. Any type of sauces, dressings or dips can go here.

Your tablecloth is also an important part of setting up your buffet table and should work with your party's color scheme. Try avoiding white if at all possible. You can either stick to solid colors that might go with a particular theme, or match the table to the color of the room in which you're having the buffet.

The Food
The food is the focal point, so you might want to think about putting the food in trays or bowls of varying heights. That way, people can take a quick peek at everything before they fill up their plates. Make sure everything looks symmetrical by stepping back from the table after setting up. If you have enough room on your table, you can break up the trays or bowls of food with a central floral piece. Stick to a simple arrangement that matches the tablecloth.

With these ideas, people will remember your food not just for how it tasted but also for how it looked.

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