Ideas for Baseball Centerpieces

Creating baseball centerpieces for a banquet or party is a great way to celebrate the end of baseball season. A baseball centerpiece makes the perfect table decoration whether you are celebrating your favorite professional team or your child's peewee league team. It is easy to put together a baseball centerpiece from items found at the local craft store.

Playing Field
The base for this centerpiece is a miniature playing field. The field is made from 1 1/2-inch-thick Styrofoam, which you can purchase from the craft store.

Decide how large you want the centerpiece to be. A field that is 12 inches by 12 inches gives you room for the bases and players without overwhelming the table. You can cut the Styrofoam to size using a utility knife.     

Once the Styrofoam is the proper size, you'll need to make the playing field green. If you decide to paint the Styrofoam, use a water based craft paint and a foam brush to apply a layer of green paint. Don't use spray or acrylic paints; these contain solvents that will melt the Styrofoam.

The second way to make the playing field green is to cover the Styrofoam with green felt or fake grass. Purchase a piece of green felt or fake grass that is large enough to cover both the top and sides of the playing field. Use a low-temperature glue gun to secure the felt or fake grass to the back of the Styrofoam.

Cut heavy white construction paper to make the bases and glue them into position on the green playing field. Use a piece of white chalk or a thin brush loaded with white paint to mark the baselines.  If you want, you can add miniature plastic baseball players to complete the centerpiece.

Giant Baseball
A giant baseball makes a very cute and easy centerpiece. Start with a large Styrofoam ball from the craft store and cut it in half. For added stability, you can glue the cut side down on another piece of Styrofoam or a piece of heavy cardboard.

Using water-based craft paint and a foam brush, paint the Styrofoam ball white. After the white paint dries, use red craft paint and a thin-line paintbrush to add the red stitching. You can even personalize the ball with an individual player or team name. The giant baseball can serve as the centerpiece itself, or it can be used as an anchor for a balloon bouquet. 

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