Sweet Ideas For Candy Centerpieces

For your next party decorations, candy centerpieces can be creative, colorful and tasty alternatives to flowers. Whether you are planning a birthday, anniversary or even Valentine's Day with the kids, a delicious party centerpiece-which could double as a favor-might be the way to go.

You have several options for candy centerpieces. You can build the centerpieces from scratch, or you can buy a centerpiece and add candy.

A Candy Centerpiece From Scratch
Things You Will Need:
Styrofoam form (wreath-shaped or occasion-related form)
Floral picks
Individually wrapped candy or chocolates (related to the color and theme)
Ribbons, balloons and silk leaves (optional)

Purchase the Styrofoam form and floral picks with attached wires at the craft store. Most forms are wreath-shaped, but you can also find some in the shape of hearts. Then, head to a candy store and buy pre-wrapped candy in the color scheme and theme that will suit your candy centerpiece perfectly. Some favorites might be tootsie rolls, bubble gum, chocolates or lollipops.

Take your candy, and attach each piece to a wire connected to the floral picks. Now, you are ready to place your candies into the Styrofoam form. Put the pieces into groups that would form a pattern or color scheme related to your theme. Make sure you continue this process until your form is completely full.

Begin the finishing touches by placing a ribbon or bow at the end of your wreath or form. You could even add small balloons or leaves to add to your ultimate table party decoration.

A glass vase or cylinder could be purchased at the craft store, filled with assorted colored candies and topped off with lollipops. Jellybeans, M&M's, Jordan almonds or other brightly colored candies would be appropriate for filling up your vase, depending on the occasion.

Another option for a birthday or sweet 16 could be to use an ice cream sundae glass. Just fill it up with sand candy, and top with cotton candy and jellied fruit to imitate your ice cream fantasy favorite.

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