How to Make Great Golf Centerpieces

Golf centerpieces are a great way to surprise your favorite golf fanatic on their birthday or other special occasion. These centerpiece ideas can work as a large focal point for the main table or on a slightly smaller scale for the guest tables.

Table-Sized Golf Green
There are several ways to make table size golf green. The first requires a little advance planning, as you will grow real grass in a container. First, select the appropriate sized container, then fill it with soil and sprinkle it with grass seed. Place it in a sunny location and water as needed.

Soon you will have a lush miniature golf green. Use a scissors to trim the grass down to a uniform height. Decorate your mini green with a tiny flag, golf tee and other golf-related items.

If you'd prefer to avoid real grass, or don't have time for it to grow, you can create a faux green. Select a piece of wood or Styrofoam and cut it to fit your table. Once the Styrofoam is properly sized, cover it with green indoor-outdoor carpeting. Decorate with tees, balls and other golf items. If you use Styrofoam, take a coffee mug and trace the opening onto both the Styrofoam and the carpeting. You can then cut a hole into both to create one or more golf holes in the green.

Tee up
Take a piece of Styrofoam and cut it to the size and shape desired for your putting green. After the Styrofoam is properly sized, use water-based craft paint and a foam brush to paint the Styrofoam green. Once the paint is dry, you can place golf tees into the green and hot glue golf balls to the tees. You can turn these into placeholders by writing the guests' names on individual golf balls. 

Bucket of Balls
Buy some small buckets, either metal or painted a festive color. Line them with solid-color or golf-themed tissue paper. Then fill the bucket with an assortment of golf balls or practice balls.

If you have a miniature golf lover, fill the bucket with colorful balls. For a serious golfer, fill it with their favorite brand of golf balls. Add colorful curly ribbon.

While the buckets make an excellent centerpiece on their own, you can also use them as a weight for a golf themed balloon bouquet.

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