Creating Great Table Centerpieces For Any Event

Table centerpieces can make any get-together special. By using floral centerpieces, photo centerpieces or candle centerpieces at your next party, you can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your event. Even if your gathering is small, using a centerpiece will help establish a theme and set the mood. You can easily make your own centerpiece by following a few simple steps.

Floral Centerpieces
Floral centerpieces are the most common type of centerpieces. These continue to be popular because they can be adapted to any situation. With the color and style of the flowers, you can create centerpieces to suit every party.

Use short vases to display your flowers, or create a low arrangement. Be sure that the people sitting at the table can see one another over the flowers. Orange, yellow and red flowers make a beautiful fall-themed centerpiece. Pale blue, pink and lavender flowers are ideal for spring. If your event is honoring a special person, make sure to find out that person's favorite flower so you can incorporate it into the design.

Photo Centerpieces
Photo collages and other photo centerpieces are great ideas for anniversary parties, weddings, graduation parties and birthday parties. Photos help the guests reminiscence, and they give insight into the guests of honor. For example, you can create a nostalgic Christmas photo centerpiece that includes photographs taken during past holidays.

You can make a simple photo centerpiece by framing several sizes of different pictures and arranging them on the table. Commercially made photo centerpieces showcase three to five different photos. Or, you can create a variety of different crafts using photos, like photo candle holders.

Candle Centerpieces
Speaking of candles, these are perfect for dinner parties, weddings and any other nighttime gathering. They create a light that is flattering to everyone, and a low light helps people relax. However, with candles, you have to keep safety in mind when making your arrangements. Be careful not to use flammable materials close to the flame, use candles or candle holders with sturdy bases and keep your candles out of the reach of children.

One of the most popular candle centerpieces is floating candles in a bowl of water. The contrast of the flame and the water looks attractive. A wide bowl, some water and some floating candles are all you need.

Centerpieces can be adapted to any type of event. With these ideas, you can make your own centerpieces no matter what type of event you're having.

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Eco-friendly centerpiece ideas can make your next dinner party more earth-conscious and less wasteful. If you think eco-friendly centerpieces are all about recycled toilet paper tubes and newspaper, think again.

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