Easy And Unique Centerpieces You Can Make Yourself

Unique centerpieces are easy to put together by yourself. All you need are some basic supplies and a little creativity. Come up with color schemes that match the tablecloths and decorations, and find flowers, balloons and pretty vases that fit in with your party's overall theme.

Balloon Centerpieces
Balloons aren't just for kids' parties. Blow up a few matching colored balloons that coordinate with your theme. Take decorative ribbon, and wrap the balloons together at the bottom. Then attach them to a small sandbag. You can find variations of weights/sandbags at party supply stores. They can be wrapped in decorative paper for a more elegant look. If the event is for a birthday or anniversary, you can stick one large balloon with a message in the middle and combine it with other plain-colored balloons. Just keep the centerpiece low so people can see each other across the table.

Candle Centerpieces
An elegant centerpiece includes just a table mirror, three candles of varying heights and a ribbon. The varying heights are key to adding more visual interest to the centerpiece. Take your table mirror, and place it in the middle of your luncheon or dinner table. Then place the three candles together in a triangular shape. Take the ribbon, and wrap it around the three candles. You can use some hot glue if the ribbon doesn't stay together on its own. Light the candles about 15 minutes before guests arrive.

Theme Centerpieces
Flowers are ideal for a themed party, like a Fourth of July celebration. The flowers can serve as a backdrop for other items. For example, on Independence Day, mix white and red carnations in a small vase with Fourth of July flags in between the flowers. You can also mix and match long-stemmed flowers like lilies or tulips and wrap them together with a small ribbon. Place them off to one side in a long, slim vase. Elaborate ribbons can be picked up at party supply stores or even your local drug store.

Where To Find Centerpiece Ideas
Bridal and home entertainment magazines can provide many more creative ideas for centerpieces. Check out the pictures, and cut out your favorites. See which ones you can duplicate easily at home, and pick up cheap supplies at local craft stores. Also check out plastic vases instead of glass if you're concerned that children could possibly knock down the centerpieces.

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