Make Your Own Cocktail Party Invitations

Cocktail party invitations should set the tone of the event and allow your guests to know what to expect. You can make your own cocktail party invitations to send a customized message to friends, family members or business associates informing them of all the elegant details.

Glitter Glasses
Using thick, textured cardstock, make a folded card that fits the invitation envelope. Then, download a picture of a drinking glass, such as a wine glass or champagne flute. Print the clip art onto dove gray paper, and then cut it out. Spread glitter glue over the picture of the glass, and let dry. Then, glue the picture on the front of the card. On the inside, use calligraphy to write out party details.

Many people associate cocktail parties with big cities and metropolitan perks. Cut a dramatic cityscape out of a dark blue or black cardstock (about eight inches by four inches). When the card is folded left to right, the front "buildings" will partly block the back "buildings" just like in a real cityscape. Use silver gel pens to create the impression of windows, towers and other architectural elements. Print out party info on a small two-by-two white card, and glue it inside the folded cityscape.

Rolled Parchment
Get parchment paper at a stationery or craft store, and print the party details out on the paper using a flowing font. Roll the invitation up, and tie it with a silver ribbon. Insert the roll into a metal stationery tube (available at stationery stores), and sprinkle in some silver confetti. Hand-deliver the invitations for a personal touch.

Cocktail Party Invitation Wording

  • Clearly state the time, date and location of the party.
  • Specify whether the event is formal or semi-formal. Cocktail parties will never be casual, but different levels of attire might be required.
  • Mention the theme if necessary, such as black and white, black tie or A Night in Paris.
  • Include RSVP information so guests can respond.
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If you want to host a cocktail party, keep a few rules in mind. Cocktail parties are generally used for an open house or reception, and choosing a theme will help the cocktail party ideas start flowing.

Cocktail party recipes should be as classy as you expect your party to be. The food sets the stage, so don't skimp on appetizers. Not only should cocktail party food taste great, but it must also look fantastic.

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You can choose from many elegant cocktail party ideas to turn your next fundraiser, anniversary or wedding reception into a hit. The cocktail party is the perfect time to dress up, enjoy adult company and taste delicious food and drink.

There is no better way to beat the summer heat than to throw a fabulous cocktail party. The great thing about cocktail parties is that they require minimal work and almost guarantee a good time. 

Being a good bartender requires more than just delicious concoctions or being an experienced mixologist, just as being a good guest requires more than just enjoying tasty libations. Whether hosting or drinking, it is important to belly-up to the bar with an assortment of well-polished icebreakers.

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