Tips for Hosting a Successful Dinner Party

Hosting a dinner party can be intimidating, even if you'?'ve done it before. Follow these tips to save yourself some stress, and you'?'ll be able to relax and enjoy the time with your guests. Plan, plan, and then plan some more, deciding ahead of time on your theme, menu, decorations, and most importantly, the guest list. The earlier you begin planning, the more relaxed you will feel once the big night arrives. Important questions to ask yourself include the number of people to invite, your budget, and the date and time of the dinner party. After you answer these basic questions, then you can focus on specific details such as:

  • Theme
  • Guest List
  • Menu
  • Decorations and Music
  • Invitations and Favors

The theme could simply reflect the season, as in a casual summer cookout or a winter potluck dinner. Or it could be as formal as a Murder Mystery Party, complete with a script and costumed characters. Let your imagination guide you!

Now for the guest list. You probably had a certain group of people in mind when you decided to host your dinner party. Perhaps you belong to a book club and have always wanted to have a themed potluck. Or maybe it?'s your turn to host your family?''s annual winter get-together. Calculate how many people you can comfortably accommodate in your home, and then try to choose a group of people that will enjoy themselves together. Consider inviting some guests who don?''t know one another, so that they can mingle and make new acquaintances.

Next, use your theme to choose the dinner party menu. For a summer cookout, keep the dishes simple to prepare and easy to eat. Fun menu ideas include a variety of finger foods and appetizers, burgers, and tropical-themed beverages. Save the complicated recipes for more formal occasions, such as your winter holiday dinners, where you can showcase your culinary skills and impress your guests. The more specific your dinner party theme, the easier it should be to select the menu. Just be sure to note any potential dietary restrictions of your guests.

Decorations and music add to the dinner party experience. The décor does not need to be fancy, but rather a basic reflection of the party'?'s theme and the host'?'s personality. For example, a backyard cookout could be enhanced by having some simple torch lights and whimsical summer decorations. The music should not dominate the event, but rather provide some background entertainment while the guests enjoy the food and conversation.

Favors are a nice touch but not always necessary. At potlucks and other dinner parties with several types of dishes, a thoughtful favor for each guest would be a copy of your recipes printed on nice stationery or index cards. Invitations should be as formal or as casual as you like. Consider your theme and your guest list. For example, your close family members might not need a formal dinner party invitation mailed to them, but it would be nice to send out an email or to make a personal phone call with all the details.

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Planning the best menu for your dinner party comes down to strategy. If you carefully choose the types of foods you'll be serving and the time and order of when they go out, you'll please the palates of your guests.

Putting some thought into party cleanup will minimize your duties after the guests go home. Help yourself by following tried and true party-cleaning strategies that can restore your home to pre-party condition.

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If you're holding an informal dinner party, easy dinner party ideas include holding a themed party or asking your guests to bring a dish to pass. Keeping it simple for yourself means you will have more time to mingle.

Dinner parties are either formal affairs or casual ones. Consequently, planning the dinner party games should factor into your party planning. Choose games which match the intention of the evening, and unless you're throwing a Murder Mystery Party or Casino Night, the game need not be the central event in the party. 

Many people have inherited or otherwise received an expensive set of dinner ware at some point. Traditionally, these dishes were used only for formal entertaining, or holidays when all guests arrived dressed in fancy clothing. Otherwise, the china was kept in a cabinet to protect it from dust.

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