Cheap Party Decorations You Can Make Yourself

Instead of busting your party budget with expensive store bought decorations, consider going old school and creating your own. Party decorations you can make yourself can be inexpensive, but do not have to look cheap. Homemade party decor can be affordable, festive and even eco-friendly.


Garlands are a versatile decoration and can be used to enhance the theme of any party. Garlands can be draped decoratively across the venue's wall, along a banister or from trees/bushes for a backyard party.

To create a simple garland, repurpose your Christmas swags by adding a strand of twinkle lights and then wrapping it in tulle. Lengths of filmy tulle can be purchased cheaply from a craft or fabric store. Make a custom garland by stringing beads or silk flowers along a length of flexible wire, string or yarn.

Paper chains

A paper chain can add a touch of whimsy to a kids' party, baby shower or even a Homecoming party. Paper chains can be a unique decoration, easily designed to fit your party theme. Almost any paper can be used with the exception of tissue paper, as it is too flimsy to form a shapely loop. Recycled gift wrap is an ideal paper for decorative chains. Use spray glitter to add a bit of glitz and sparkle to the paper chain.

Six-inch lengths that are one inch wide are needed to create each loop of the chain. Some hobby suppliers carry precut paper chain strips in various colors. These manufactured strips come with a sticky end to secure each loop into the chain. However, cutting your own strips from paper you have at home is more eco-friendly and less expensive. Secure your homemade strips with scrapbook glue dots or invisible tape.


Creating a decorative centerpiece can add a unique focal point to the party's main room. A hand-crafted centerpiece can be made to fit any party theme or decoration budget. A centerpiece to draw attention to a buffet, dessert or favors table should complement the party's theme.

Centerpieces made from natural materials, like small potted plants and flowers, work great for an outdoor party like an afternoon garden party or evening barbeque. Edible centerpieces of fruit or vegetables are eye-catching and tasty.

A baby shower centerpiece can be made from baby items including rolled washcloths, pacifiers and various small teething toys. Arrange the items in a basket lined with a receiving blanket and then present it to the Mommy-to-be at the end of the party. A diaper "cake" makes a unique centerpiece and gift that any expecting mother will appreciate.

Tissue paper flowers

Reminiscent of high school Homecoming floats, the tissue paper flower is an inexpensive, easy homemade party decoration. Paper flowers can be made in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes to fit your party's theme. They can be arranged as bouquets, place-setting decor or strung together to form a garland.

Can't remember how to form the basic carnation form? No worries, it's easy. Cut sheets of gift wrap tissue into 8-inch-by-8-inch squares. You will need eight sheets per flower. For a fluffier flower, use twelve sheets. Stack the cut sheets and fold them accordion style, as if you were folding a paper fan. Tie a twelve-inch piece of yarn around the center of folded tissue paper so there are two sections.

Trim the edges of each side with scissors. Cut these tips so they appear rounded or pointed, or use a pair of scrapbooking scissors for a fancier edge. To create the flower, carefully separate the layers of paper. Begin on one end, pulling the first sheet to the top and the second sheet to the bottom. Continue until all the sheets are separated. Repeat the process on the other half. Fluff to form the finished flower.

Household items

Craft supplies, scrapbooking materials and banners or signs printed from your home computer are all great sources when creating party decor. A zoo or animal theme for your child's birthday party? Corral several of her stuffed animals from her room and display in groupings. Dress the stuffed animals with bows and ribbons, or tie a bouquet of balloons to their paw. For a Transformers party, have the birthday boy create action figure displays as part of the decorations. Make it extra special, while keeping his favorite toys safe, by "roping" it off with ribbon and printing a sign that says "Not for play today."

Inexpensive party decorations you can make yourself are only limited to your imagination. Get creative, have fun and your homemade decorations will become the hit of your party.

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