Make a Birthday Banner

When it comes to celebrating a birthday, a birthday banner is a great way to let the world know a person's birthday has arrived. If you are considering investing in a birthday banner, you should think about taking the time to make a birthday banner rather than buy one. This can save you money and show the birthday boy or girl that you took the time to really make them a one of a kind custom banner for his or her special day.

First, you will want to consider the materials you will use to make custom banners. Traditional or common birthday banners are made using paper like butcher and construction paper, but you shouldn't feel as if this is the only kind of material you can use. You can use anything from cloth to carpet to felt. Ultimately, the banner needs to be something that words can be applied - whether written, sewn, glued or attached some other way - and something that can be hung for the world to see.

When it comes to the actual message, you have many options. You can write the words using a permanent marker or you paint the words using paint, paint pens or even colored glue. Another option you have is to glue fabric patches, sequins, even things like seeds and pieces of candy. If you can glue it, you can use it. Additionally, you could embroider or sew things to the banner.

Consider whether or not to use images for your banner. Some banners contain a simple message about the birthday and the person but others may have themes. For example, if someone loves a certain sports team or is Italian, you could incorporate these things into their banner by including the team's logo or using the colors of the Italian flag.

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