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Making a custom banner to celebrate an event is made even easier with new software programs and printers that allow you to make your own banner in whatever style you choose. Whether you purchase a simple printer program or download some free banners from reputable Web sites, a party banner can be the perfect finishing detail that the guest of honor will admire.

How to Make Your Own Banner
Before computers and high-quality printers were found in so many homes, party banners were drawn out on butcher paper and decorated with glitter and stickers. These hand-crafted banners are terrific, but today making a banner is even easier. Simple computer programs, a printer, banner paper and an unlimited imagination are all you need to create one-of-a-kind party banners. When you make your own banner, you can adjust the content, font, graphics and layout to create a professional, yet personal banner suitable for display.

Equipment to Make Your Own Banner
Having the right equipment will make creating a banner a fun and simple activity. To start making banners, you'll need a computer. It doesn't matter if it's Mac or PC since both computer types can run different programs with the same results, as long as the program is compatible with your computer.

Look for an inexpensive banner program to buy. Most banner software is included in some type of print shop software package that allows the user to create envelopes, stationery, posters, brochures and business cards as well. These software programs take out many of the complexities that used to occur when printing different shapes from a standard word processing program. More homes and small businesses are selecting banner printing programs and printers with color to create the best banners.

Software typically comes with banner templates that are pre-designed, and you can change them to fit your personal tastes. Choose from dozens of expertly designed templates, or get creative and design your own. There are also dozens of free downloads of banner templates to choose from if the software program doesn't have one that you like.

After the software is installed, the instructions will walk you through the process of making your own banner. The programs are designed for beginning computer users, so even first-time banner makers can create a professional and polished product.

Once the banner is finished to your satisfaction, it's time to print. You can purchase continuous feed banner paper for software that allows you to select that option while printing. This kind of paper creates a continuous solid banner. However, not all printers can handle a continuous feed, and you'll need to look at your printer manual to understand your options. Printers that tend to jam might also pose a problem for a long banner.

If that's the case, other programs can figure out for you how many pages of standard-sized paper you'll need to print the whole message. The sections will print off one by one, and then you can gently tape or staple them together.

The downside of making your own banner is that the process can use up a lot of ink, especially with a color printer. Keep in mind that, while ink cartridges can get pricey, it's still less expensive than working with a print shop to create a custom banner.

Also, banners made at home are generally not very weather resistant, so be aware of the weather conditions and how they will affect the banner if the party or event is outside. If you can laminate the banner or the individual pages that make up the banner, then it might be able to stand up to the elements.

Birthday Party Banners
Perhaps the most popular way to use a printable banner is for a birthday party. It proclaims the theme of the party to all the guests and allows you to create custom text that enhances the party experience. Some banner software programs allow you to add graphics and clip art, which can make the birthday banner even more special. Here are a few tips to make a birthday banner that is really memorable:

  • Integrate a quote or saying that has special meaning to the guest of honor.
  • Use colors that tie into the birthday party décor.
  • Consider adding a baby picture to a birthday banner, especially if the guest of honor is an adult.
  • Import clip art of a favorite cartoon character for a child's theme birthday banner.
  • Leave white spaces on the birthday banner, and give guests the option of signing their names along with a short note of congratulations. The banner then becomes a keepsake.

Ways to Use a Banner
Don't limit banners to just birthday parties. You will discover dozens of uses for banners once you start making them yourself. Other party events where you can make your own banner include office parties, baby showers, bridal showers, graduation celebrations, welcome home parties and farewell/good luck parties.

It doesn't even have to be a party for you to make your own banner. Other events may require the special touch that a custom banner can bring. Try creating a banner for your next book club, team meeting, pep rally, work recognition events, fundraisers, store sales events or sponsorship events, like a walk-a-thon.

Even everyday events can use a banner to bring in a professional or festive feeling. Use a banner on the front of a house to announce a new arrival (It's a Girl!) or to make your garage sale stand out in the neighborhood. Let your child's science fair project really wow the judges, and think of the traffic a banner will bring to the PTA bake sale.

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