Fun and Creative Brunch Food Ideas

If creative brunch food ideas are bouncing around in your head, it must be your turn to host a morning event at your house. To make your party a memorable one, hold a champagne brunch, and serve Belgian waffles, thick with whipped cream and fresh strawberries.

Entertaining has never been more fun than when you host a lovely brunch with all the elegance of a cocktail party. With brunch, you don't need to slave over a two-hour roast or worry about breaking out the fine china. Instead, use the dishes you love, such as your grandmother's china, and go for an old-fashioned, cozy event.

Dress For The Occasion
If you're holding an informal event, let your guests know they can dress comfortably. If the brunch will be poolside, inform your guests that swimming attire is optional. But, if you're going formal, let your guests know that the event is formal and formal attire is required. Any special notes such as the dress code should be included in the invitation.

Seating Arrangements
If cozy is the theme, you needn't worry about formal seating. Use old redwood chairs on the patio, or seat guests poolside on comfortable lounge chairs. In the case of inclement weather, overstuffed chairs in the living room, den or on the porch will work just as well. A formal brunch can be held in the dining room.

Belgian Waffles
Belgian waffles are melt-in-your-mouth delicious. You can never go wrong when serving Belgian waffles for brunch, but at the same time you may want to make sure you have some protein on hand in the form of sausage links, bacon, fried ham and either scrambled eggs or omelets.

If you aren't sure who will want what, you can always do a buffet-style brunch and place the food on a side table, kept warm in individual warmers. Since presentation is so much a part of any event, make sure you have at least one Belgian waffle sitting in the center of the buffet table. Add a tray of meats to one side of the waffles and a tray of specialty breads and rolls to the other side, and your table will look and smell divine.

Serving Champagne
If you plan on serving champagne, you needn't worry about making individual specialty drinks such as mimosas. Instead, opt for straight champagne in fluted glasses with a fresh strawberry floating in each. Nothing more is needed, unless you want to go a little crazy and add a few drops of strawberry sauce to each glass.

Once you choose the champagne, get the right amount. Assuming 1 bottle will serve 2 guests, you'll need 6 bottles for 12 guests. Though some guests will indulge in more than 2 glasses, other guests will merely sip their first glasses, so you should be fine. However, just to be on the safe side, pick up a few extra bottles. Brunch is one of those meals that can go on for hours.

Tie Up Loose Ends
To keep everything flowing, tie the champagne in with the meal. If you're serving strawberries with Belgian waffles, go for strawberries in the champagne, but, if you're looking at peaches, nectarines or apricots in the waffles, match it fruit for fruit in the champagne.

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