What Should Be on a Brunch Menu

Brunch is a wonderful party alternative. On your brunch menu, you can include some delicious breakfast staples and simple lunchtime treats. Here are some simple dishes that you may want to prepare for an elegant and easy gathering.

Planning Your Brunch Menu
Balance is the key to a fantastic brunch. Achieving a balance of sweet and savory flavors and variety of menu items is what makes a brunch a joyful experience. Avoid an abundance of heavy foods: Think light.

A good rule of thumb is to have one offering from a variety of categories. For example, if French toast is your main breakfast offering and you have scones for your sweet bread, counter the sweet by serving them with lemon curd for a tart taste.

Potato pancakes served with applesauce will give you a starch offering that isn't too heavy. Then add a meat offering in the form of ham with glaze and a vegetable offering like marinated tomatoes and olives. You might also decide tea sandwiches are the way you want to go. A good example is deviled ham sandwiches for the meat and cucumber sandwiches for the vegetable. Regardless of the menu you choose, remember to find balance among the categories.

It also isn't enough to have wonderful food; remember that presentation is everything. Having some of your foods double as decorations can help the budget and provide added flair for a striking table. For example, a fresh fruit centerpiece can do double duty.

Deciding on a Brunch Caterer
Since a brunch should be a relaxed affair, guests will not want to see a stressed-out hostess. If your party will be large, consider hiring a brunch caterer.

First, deciding on your budget is important. Then, once you have your budget set, the work begins. Contact local catering companies, and ask for their prices for food and service. For a more budget-conscious brunch, visit your local deli, which can provide wonderful meat, cheese, fruit and sandwich trays. Then you could complement the trays with warm dishes, like pancakes or crepes that you make yourself.

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