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One good thing about the holidays is that generally you have a few festive details in your home already. And if not, there is nothing like a last minute party to put you in gear! First things first, what type of party are your guest expecting? In this case, best to allude to a cocktail affair. In it's simplicity it is easy to sway in any direction whether it be formal or festive casual. In this case let us assume a formal gathering!

What makes this a "quick and easy" is that the atmosphere will be made up of your guest and their attire ! Add in jazzy holiday tunes and some bubbly, ta-da! Formal does not convey stuffy unless you are stuffy!

The who, what, when and where! Inviting your guests in a short time should be short, sweet and intriguing. Thank goodness for technology, if you are less than 2 days out, it is appropriate to send out a jolly text message and if you are so savvy to attach a song to it, do so by all means! The wonderful thing about this last minute method is that you receive instant responses so you can assess your guest count in a timely manor. If you have more than two days, send out an evite also with musical option. Note in reference to text-vite to clearly address the 4 W's so that you do not end up resending additional information or recommend for further info to call you directly. Now that we have a guest list, creating the menu, entertainment and "icing'" your house!

The key to successful and less stressful creativity is to keep it simple. The menu should be a balance of sweet and savory. Fresh items go a long way with a variety of accoutrement. A new fun twist on a classic is a "Pop Bar". Pairings of flavored popcorn and champagne, always a crowd pleaser! Take  a look around your house for interesting serving pieces. If you have a large mirror, place it on the table to display your buffet. Small ones can be used to serve drinks upon. The drink menu does not have to reflect a full bar either. Offer champagne or it's Italian cousin prosecco then offer up hot toddies or tipsy cocoa!

Entertainment can be in the form of games, a brave friend to dress up like Santa or an elf and hand out party favors, karaoke, fun name tags given out noting each guest as naughty or nice and their job is to answer why they were dubbed either. The important note is that everyone feels involved!

"Icing" house... the little changes whether it's adding to or creative editing can make big impact. Choose 1-3 feature areas. By channeling your creativity to certain details ensures they will be noticed and not glazed over. These areas will not only showcase your talents, they will also serve as conversation pieces. The entrance is always a a great feature spot as it immediately sets the mood for the party and guests will be talking about it as they come in! Anticipation is key! If you have the means, place a speaker outside so that as they come up the walk they are dancing when they walk through your door! Purchase inexpensive bags of snow and make large snow balls to line your walk way!

Creative editing- Moving non essential items to a closet or a room that will not be used will create more space and also feature your more interesting pieces. Changing the location of objects and utilizing them as focal on the buffet or mantel can give them new life. If you have a fire pit, move furniture outside with blankets for people to enjoy and suggest they roast smores in their stilettos! Also light up the fireplace or candles you may already have to create softer lighting and of course, turn on the Christmas tree lights!

The point is for you to also enjoy yourself while entertaining in your home! Being done by the time your guest arrive and your house full of memories when they leave!

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