Romantic Birthday Surprise Ideas

Good birthday surprise ideas will add the essential ingredient of mystery to your romance. Hinting that you have something special up your sleeve will impress your loved one, no matter how long you have been together.

Prepare a last-minute getaway. Once you have confirmed that she has an open schedule, book a room at a nearby bed-and-breakfast, or book tickets for a quick trip. Then, hand her an envelope with the tickets inside.

Arrange an extreme adventure. What makes you giddy with excitement? Love does, but so does sky-diving or bungee-jumping. If your guy has a thirst for daredevil stunts, find out what he hasn't done, and then book with a company that can make his stuntman dreams come true. When he finds out that you're really skydiving and not just going to a boring old restaurant, he will be elated.

Throw a sunshine surprise. Instead of giving romantic surprises at night, get up and take her to her favorite restaurant for brunch or lunch. This is a perfect option for a couple on a budget in case it is tough to afford the tab at some places. If your loved one is truly a morning person, consider taking her to a beautiful location to watch the sun rise.

Set up a scavenger hunt. This idea is perfect if your partner is a bit of a brainiac. Write out clues on cards. Each clue will lead him to a new spot, and you can give him the next clue. You can prepare the scavenger hunt on a small scale, within your house, or you can have him travel all over the city, leading him to your favorite romantic landmarks. The last stop of all should be someplace special for both of you.

Dinner by candlelight. Hint that you will be taking your loved one out for dinner. But, instead, set out your finest silverware and light the candles. Prepare a simple, but not too heavy meal with his favorite flavors, or try feeding each other with fondue. Plan on staying home the rest of the night.

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I pulled off a surprise 60th birthday party for my husband in spite of vacationing all summer. He was 60 in August. I planned on a surprise party for him on September 8. We would be home at the end of August.

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