Romantic 10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The 10th wedding anniversary is a milestone, so the gift should be romantic and special. If you are looking for a 10th wedding anniversary gifts that will really be meaningful for your spouse, consider the themes associated with this anniversary: tin and aluminum. Diamonds are always a secondary theme for any anniversary, as diamonds are forever.

Many couples opt for a 10th anniversary ring to celebrate the occasion, substituting gold or platinum for the tin or aluminum. Here are some other ideas for men, women and couples.

Tin is a good material for a picture frame. Don't get just any picture frame. Choose something special and fill it with a meaningful keepsake or a picture of the two of you that makes you both feel happy. Framing the matchbook from the restaurant where you had your first date, a love poem or a ticket stub from your first movie together can show how romantic you are. You can also get a gift tin and fill it with chocolates, love notes, trinkets or your mate's favorite gourmet candies, music or romantic evening together items.

Many aluminum items make a great 10th anniversary gift. Aluminum bakeware is common, but only go this route if your spouse loves to cook. Wind chimes are a romantic gift, as are sculptures made from aluminum. Check different art stores for the possibilities. An ornament for a Christmas tree can be a nice keepsake. You can also get an aluminum plaque engraved with your names, the word forever and a beautiful heart design.

Diamonds are a modern tradition for 10th anniversary gifts. A 10th anniversary ring with a diamond or a diamond necklace are a beautiful start. Think of including the number 10 or the word "forever" and it will really show your enduring love. Another option is to upgrade the engagement ring, either with a larger-carat stone or a higher-quality stone.

Remember that it's the message behind the gift as well as the gift itself that makes it meaningful. Think about your spouse and what makes him or her special. Find a way to tailor your gift to your spouse's interests or personality, and you'll have the perfect romantic gift.

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