Simple 50th Anniversary Decorations

When making 50th anniversary decorations, keep the wedding date in mind and work from that date forward, using as much glitz and glitter as you possibly can. Weddings that took place 50 years ago are very special and deserve thoughtful treatment. Decorations should reflect the longevity of the marriage and relay to the couple just exactly how you feel about them. Keep the word special in mind, and think often of the couple as you create decorations that have enough impact to be perfect for this milestone anniversary.

Simple 50th Anniversary Decorations
Emphasize long-lasting love and endearment by keeping things simple but elegant. Create a banner and hang it on a trellis over the doorway. For centerpieces, use one full-length mirror for each table. Remove the frame and place the mirror down the center of the table. Clump either gold or white candles on the mirror and add a generous handful of golden confetti and glitter. White rice is also a nice reminder of the wedding day. Add golden spheres, Christmas bulbs will work, on the mirror as well. If you don't care for candles, use everything else but add miniature white lights.

Create a sign that includes the names of your honored guests and their wedding date. Use white poster board that has been cut into the shape of a heart. Use glue and gold glitter to emphasize the writing and to outline the heart. Hang the sign on the wall just behind the guests of honor.

Iron-on Transfer Tablecloth
To create a photo tablecloth that depicts the happy couple through the years, you can use iron-on transfers. After the photos have been affixed to the tablecloth, the tablecloth can be used for other special family occasions, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Since the goal is to create something that can be used again, make sure you purchase a tablecloth that will fit the couple's dining-room table.

Gold Spray Paint
Because gold is the color associated with 50th anniversaries, decorations in gold are always appropriate. If possible, stay away from gold streamers and balloons, as everyone seems to use them. Instead, come up with a few unique gold decorations by taking advantage of spray paint.

Gold spray paint can be used to decorate the following items:

  • Wicker baskets used as the base for flower arrangements
  • Faux flowers used as accent pieces in floral arrangements
  • Garden produce or ornamental fruit
  • A splashy Just Married sign. Place it on the back of their car and add a few spray-painted tin cans for emphasis.

Glitter is a good way to add sparkle and glitz to the paint. If you're using glitter, sprinkle it on while the paint is still wet.

Fall Anniversaries
If you're holding a 50th anniversary in the fall, take advantage of the fall harvest of pumpkins and gourds. A pumpkin that is hollowed out and then carved in a swirl pattern will look very elegant if it is dusted with gold spray paint. Add a little glitter to the paint before it dries, then add a few sprigs of flowers to the stem. Tie on the flowers with a flocked golden ribbon.

Spray paint small pumpkin gourds, then use a hacksaw to make a slit in the top of each one to hold a place card. A little gold paint and a few sprinkles of glitter will go a long way in making these very simple decorations spectacular.

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