Fun Anniversary Party Games

Anniversary party games add an element of fun to your celebration, especially if the party games are focused on the honorees.

General Guidelines
Anniversary party games for a 25th or older anniversary should be kept on the quiet side. Sit-down games are the most fun for older groups, because usually everyone can play, even those who may have health issues. You can schedule a lively game, such as pass the orange or musical chairs, but make sure everyone knows it's voluntary and try to pick something that's as much fun to watch as it is to play.

Anniversary Bingo
For anniversary bingo, choose photos of the couple in funny poses or making funny faces. Then write sayings that go with each photo. For instance, a photo of the wife laughing uproariously could have a line that goes with it that reads, "When Stella looked at how Harry had dressed himself, she couldn't help but _____!" Another example might be a picture of the husband smiling, with a note that reads, "Ray smiled, pretending to be asleep as Virginia attempted to __________ a second time." These notes should be misleading and cause a few smiles to appear, but should also not reveal any private affairs. What you should be looking for are quotes that apply to stories that have been told and told again within the family. 

The idea is for each player to figure out which picture goes with each quote. For more fun, make sure the quotes and photos could be interchanged. 

Another way to play anniversary bingo is to place pictures of different items on the card, such as a bottle of vodka, a tub of lard, a truck, a baby bottle, a bottle of soda and a bottle of beer. Fill the squares with pictures of the items and make enough copies for all the guests. The questions that correlate with the items also should be interchangeable, but should be easy for people who know the couple well enough to guess accurately. One example might be, "On December 18, 1962, there were more empty ________ bottles in the kitchen that night than there were people in the house." People who know the couple will correlate the date with the birth of their first child. The correct answer would then be "Baby Bottles."  

Each time a note is read, players are asked to cover one photo. The person who has the first bingo is then asked to uncover the pictures and announce which note went with which picture. If they covered the correct photos for each note, they win a prize. If not, the game continues. For the 25th anniversary, use silver candy coins as the bingo chips. Use gold coins for a 50th anniversary party.

Games That Require Movement
Games that require some movement might include a scavenger hunt. Keep the hunt contained to one room or to the house, and then only provide one item for each clue. This will keep the game time down to 10 to 15 minutes. The person who finds the most clues wins the game.

Clues should reflect the wedding date and other particulars about the couple. For instance, you might want to add a couple of old magazines or newspapers, dated to the year and, if possible, the date when the wedding took place. High school yearbooks are fun items to include, as well as the school colors and letters. A toy car of the couple's first vehicle would make a great decoration on their cake, and would be the perfect addition to the scavenger hunt list.

If your party guests are particularly spry, you may want to play a silly game called pass the orange. Arrange the players into two lines, and then place an orange under the chin of each woman in the group. The object is for the men to lean in and capture the orange, without dropping it, and without using their hands. Careful who you pair up together for this game, as the orange tends to travel downward as the game progresses. Married couples should be placed together for this game.

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