Throwing a Memorable Anniversary Party Bash

An anniversary party celebrates a couple's happy and prosperous marriage, and while the milestone years, such as the 25th or the 50th, are usually considered when throwing a memorable anniversary party bash, there's no reason you can't host a fantastic event for any year. From choosing the venue to including personal touches, you can easily throw a memorable anniversary party for that special couple.

Choosing a Venue
Picking a venue for an anniversary party depends a lot on the couple and a lot on their guest list. Consider their personality when examining what kind of anniversary party to have. Would they love an informal brunch at a local restaurant, or would an evening cocktail party better suit them? Are they the type who loves to dress up and mingle, or would they feel more comfortable with a more structured party? Whether you choose a buffet, dinner party, open house, brunch or cocktail party, make sure it's a big enough place to accommodate all the guests they want to invite.

Choosing a theme for the anniversary party is also important. While you don't need to go for an all-out Mardi Gras or Western BBQ (unless the couple would really like that), it does help to choose a theme, however informal. You could choose a theme based on the decade that the couple got married, and you can use wedding pictures, period music and related anniversary party favors to enhance the atmosphere. Other classic anniversary themes could be true love, family or even the culture or customs of the couple. It's also easy and classy to decorate in silver for a 25th anniversary and gold for a 50th anniversary party.

Once you've decided on the venue, theme, time and tone of the anniversary party, other aspects such as anniversary party invitations, anniversary party decorations and even an anniversary gift will be much easier to decide. Whether you use an online party supply store or create your own atmosphere, you are well on your way to throwing a memorable anniversary party bash.

Special Anniversary Party Touches
You can make an anniversary party so much more than an ordinary get-together. By focusing on the couple, you will be able to provide classy and memorable touches that they will cherish for years to come.

Place several disposable cameras on the tables for guests to take snapshots of the party, each other and the couple. Provide a basket to collect them at the end of the event. Later, you can have them developed and placed in an album to give to the couple.

Create an attractive memorabilia display for guests to admire. Gather various pictures of the anniversary couple, and arrange them in nice frames on picture stands. Using fresh flowers and greenery, create a display around a blank guest book nearby. Invite guests to write notes, memories or advice for the couple.

Recreate their wedding cake. If you have a good picture of the original wedding cake, a good bakery will usually be able to replicate it. It's even better if you can use the original cake topper, which many couples save.

Assemble a family memory book. Ahead of time, ask each child and grandchild of the couple to write a single page relating a special story or event of the couple. Then, compile each page into a treasured memory book and present it to the couple.

Put together a slideshow. There are several ways to showcase photos of the couple, from childhood through the present. Use a computer program, video or LCD projector to share the couple's life through photographs.

Use touches from their wedding. If the couple had a special song, arrange for it to be played or sung. Use the same type of flowers that they had at their wedding, especially as a corsage and boutonniere. Don't forget to highlight the couple's wedding pictures so everyone can enjoy.

Anniversary Party Gifts
Many people know that each anniversary corresponds with a specific style of gift, but, beyond the silver of the 25th and the gold of the 50th, it's hard to keep track. While etiquette no longer demands strict adherence to the list, it can give you a starting place to come up with great anniversary party gifts. For example, on the 4th anniversary, a gourmet wine or exotic fruit basket would be a lovely nod to the tradition. Here's a simple chart to keep anniversary party gifts aligned with the right year.

1. Paper 12. Silk
2. Cotton 13. Lace
3. Leather 14. Ivory
4. Fruit 15. Crystal
5. Wood 20. China
6. Candy 25. Silver
7. Wool 30. Pearl
8. Bronze 35. Coral
9. Pottery 40. Ruby
10. Aluminum 45. Sapphire
11. Steel 50. Gold
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