Tips for Wedding Anniversary Toasts

Wedding anniversary toasts ares speeches that should include three elements: honor the married couple, reflect on what has been accomplished since the wedding or the last anniversary and celebrate another year together. If it does, it will certainly be a winner. Here's how to make the most of each of them to make the perfect wedding anniversary toast.

Honor the married couple. Whether you're one of the honorees or a friend making the toast to the couple doesn't matter. Honoring the married couple involves thinking of special qualities that make their marriage work - complementary personalities, supporting one another, sense of humor or devotion. You can also use this section to include one or two sweet quotations about love and marriage. These quotes are easy to find with a simple Internet search or at the library. Choose the quotations that fit the couple well.

Reflect on what has been accomplished since the wedding and/or the last anniversary. Think back over the past year or since the wedding. Note important accomplishments of the couple or each member of the couple. This could include the birth of children, job advancements, degrees, new home and other personal accomplishments that the whole family celebrated. A "wow, look at how far you've (we've) come" theme is appropriate here. Try to choose three to five items for the list that have special meaning to both people.

Celebrate another year together. This is the shortest section, but it includes a congratulatory statement to the both of them and wishes for many more to come. If the past year was difficult, wish them a wonderful next anniversary. If the past year was great, wish them continued success. Whatever the year was, praise them for getting through it together, and express admiration and fondness for their love of each other.

Wedding anniversary toasts are a must on an anniversary, regardless of whether it's part of the anniversary party idea or it's just the two of you having dinner together. Follow the three steps above when preparing it and you can't go wrong.

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