Writing a 50th Wedding Anniversary Toast

The honor of delivering a 50th wedding anniversary toast of a couple doesn't happen that frequently. Make the event memorable by writing a toast for the 50th anniversary and practicing a little toast etiquette as well.

You'll want to plan in advance, ensuring that what you will say at the anniversary party is both powerful and succinct. Toasts are traditionally short-usually under three minutes. In that time, you should find a way to highlight the five decades of matrimony that the couple is celebrating. One way to share this sentiment is via a little story about the couple that symbolizes their relationship. It can be warmly humorous or touchingly nostalgic. As long as it is a story that illustrates how the couple interacts, the secret to lasting marriage or some insight into their feelings for each other, it makes a good toast.

Another way to write a 50th wedding anniversary toast is to include a meaningful quote. Whether you use a poem, scripture or prose, the right quotation can add texture and life to your toast. Check online for examples of wonderful quotes that will really make the toast into something special.

The simplest way to write a toast for a 50th anniversary is to speak from the heart. If you can describe why you admire and love the anniversary couple in clear and understandable words, the toast is practically written already. While you do want the toast to sound unrehearsed, it's a good idea to get your thoughts and feelings down on paper so you can organize your thoughts and work on your delivery techniques before the big event.

When it comes time to give the toast, stand with your glass raised. Never tap a utensil on the glass. Wait until you have everyone's attention and begin. Speak clearly and slowly and when you conclude, let the group know by saying "cheers" or raising the glass high and taking a drink. After everyone has had a drink, sit down and gesture for the recipients of the toast to stand and say a few words.

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