Creative Baby Shower Centerpieces

Creating perfect baby shower centerpieces isn't that hard. All you need are a few supplies, a little patience and some imagination.

From a simple selection of the mom-to-be's favorite flowers to elaborate floral arrangements, you can't go wrong with flowers. To make a cute floral arrangement at home, take a small wicker baby carriage, spray paint it pink or blue and fill it with flowers. Finish by tying a cute ribbon bow on the handle.

Something simple as pots of store-bought seasonal flowers with a stuffed animal or soft baby toys tied to it looks cute on the table. For a simple look, you can find pots with a single flower. These decorations can then be given to the mom-to-be or raffled off to guests as additions to the garden.

Find a cute straw tote and place a green plant in it. Lett the plant peek out from the tote bag, and top it with a rubber duck or stuffed toy to create a simple and charming centerpiece.

Rubber Ducks
Yellow rubber ducks are a great decoration for baby showers. Fill a clear glass fish bowl with pretty glass marbles and some water, then float rubber ducks on the water.

Baby Booties
Ceramic or plastic baby booties found in craft and party stores make excellent centerpieces. Fill the booties with flowers or candy, or use them to weigh down balloon arrangements.

Diaper Cake
The diaper cake is a crowd pleaser. It does double duty as a centerpiece and a gift for the mom-to-be. A diaper cake is a bit labor intensive to make. It is helpful to have someone assist you with the assembly.


  • Disposable diapers
  • Rubber bands or yarn
  • An empty paper towel roll or a tall baby bottle
  • Strips of wide and narrow ribbon
  • Little baby items, like a pacifier, rattle, hair brush, bib, teething ring, socks or booties
  • One small soft toy, rubber duck or baby bottle
  • Round tray covered with foil or baby-themed wrapping paper

Roll the diapers into cylinders and secure with rubber bands, narrow ribbon or yarn. How many diapers you use depends on the size of the cake. Be sure to give any diapers you don't use to the mom-to-be in a separate box or bag.

Place the rolled and secured diapers upright in a circle around the paper towel tube or baby bottle and tie the arrangement together with wide ribbon. Build out the first layer of your "cake" by adding additional rings of diapers secured around the first ring.

Build any additional tiers in the same manner. Finish by wrapping the cake in wide ribbon and tying bows. Decorate with the tiny baby supplies and top with a bottle, rubber duck or stuffed toy.

Pea in a Pod Centerpiece
This cute centerpiece is quick and easy to make.


  • One yard of green fleece
  • Ribbon to tie the ends of the fleece
  • String
  • 10 to 30 diapers, depending on the size you want to make
  • Green cellophane

Roll the diapers into cylinders and secure them with string. Create a bundle of rolled diapers and wrap it in cellophane to create a "pea." Make as many "peas" as needed, one for each child that the mother is expecting.

Lay out the fleece and center the peas. Gather the edges of the fleece together and tie with a ribbon, keeping the peas slightly exposed. Ribbon ties at the top and bottom ends of the fleece should do the trick.

Red Wagon Basket
This is a super quick and easy centerpiece that looks lovely.


  • A miniature red wagon
  • Diapers
  • Bibs
  • Stuffed animals
  • Onesies
  • Washcloths
  • Socks

Simply fill the wagon with the baby supplies. You can add flowers to the arrangement, or you can cover the arranged gifts with cellophane tied with a bow at the top.

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