Simple and Fun Baby Shower Decorations

Great baby shower decorations don't need to cost a lot. With the following simple, fun and relatively inexpensive decorations, you can have a shower that looks great and provides the mom-to-be with many of the essentials she will need for baby.

Balloons are the simplest and easiest baby shower decoration, but they don't have to be ho-hum. Take a bunch of colorful balloons and anchor them with baby booties, baby bottles (weighted with water) or soft baby toys. Every mom needs baby wipes; you can use packages of baby wipes to anchor helium balloons.

Take a small, colorful basket, fill with baby bath items, and use that as an anchor for the balloons. Each table could have a different theme, such as baby bath, toys or well-dressed baby, with an assortment of socks, hats, booties or onesies.

It is a shower after all, so use umbrellas as decorations. Hang open umbrellas upside down from the ceiling. Fill the umbrellas with balloons or have streamers trailing over the sides. 

Use smaller umbrellas on the individual tables. Open the umbrella upside down on the table, and fill it with baby bath items, socks, booties or soft toys. 

Baby Tub
Fill a whale-shaped baby tub with punch and float little rubber duckies on it. The mom-to-be gets to keep the tub and ducks after the shower.

Alternately, you can wrap a bunch of small presents, place them in the baby tub, then add a few small balloons to the tub to act as bubbles. Add a rubber duck or two in between the balloons.

String a clothesline across the room. Use wooden clothespins to hang diapers, wash clothes, socks, hats, onsies and booties on the line. After the shower, the new mom gets to take the clothesline and the clothespins home, along with the gifts.

Two by Two
If the mom-to-be is expecting twins, decorate with two of everything. Have two boxes of wipes or two baskets of baby supplies holding down the balloons. Another good twin decorating idea is a Noah's Ark theme, where each table has two stuffed animals as centerpieces.

Don't forget little touches, such as confetti. Sprinkle confetti on the tables around centerpieces and balloon anchors. Another idea is to stack several boxes on each table, or the main gift table, and drape them with receiving blankets. 

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