How to Write Baby Shower Thank You Cards

Learning how to write baby shower thank you cards isn't a dated, old-fashioned tradition. It's a way to remember the friends who were thoughtful and it's always appreciated.

Matching Cards to Gifts
Baby showers are given to women even if it is not their first child, as clothes and baby items may have been discarded, broken, worn out or torn. When opening gifts, the expectant mom should be sure to keep gift cards with the presents until she can write the baby shower thank-you notes.

When you get home, make a list of items you received and note the gift-giver's name next to the item. This is important, as you do not want to thank your mother for something your cousin gave you. Number the list, so that you know how many baby shower thank-you cards you need to buy or make.

Simple Messages
Buy or make the number of thank-you cards needed. Each card should have a handwritten thank-you that includes the gift and the giver's name. If the giver is married, include the spouse's name. It can read as simply as, "Sarah, thank you for the bottle warmer." If the gift is from someone you do not see often, such as someone who lives out of state or in a different city, you should also include a short letter with other family news.

Sign each card or note with your name and your spouse's name. The notes should be hand signed. Do not use a stamp and do not use a computer to print the messages and your signature.

Address the envelopes. Labels may be used for both the return address and the address wher you are sending the card, but it is preferable to hand-write the gift-giver's address. 

Thank-you cards and notes should be written and mailed no later than three to five days after the shower, unless you have your shower very close to your due date and end up delivering before you can write the notes. If your thank you cards get delayed because of the birth of your child, be sure to mention that in the short note to the gift-giver. 

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