Baptism Invitation Wording Ideas

Baptism invitation wording can sometimes be confusing, but, with the right inspiration, you can create baptism invitations that reflect the important nature of the event. Taking the time to create a special invitation will encourage friends and family members to come together for the joyous occasion.

How To Send The Baptism Invitations
If you're having a baptism or christening, you'll want to send the invitations out four to six weeks in advance. This way, everyone will have enough time to plan to attend. If you have out-of-town guests coming, you should also include a piece of paper in the envelope with information about hotels in the area and driving directions.

Important Information To Include
On the baptism invitations, you'll need to include your child's name, the date, the time and the place of the baptism. If you are having a baptism party, make sure to include the details about that on the invitation. You should also list the parents' names. If you would like to include the grandparents' names, this is appropriate as well. Make sure to mention godparents in the invitation if godparents are involved in the ceremony.

Using A Verse Or Poem
As for the wording on the invitation, you have many options for creating a memorable and elegant baptism or christening invitation. Due to the religious nature of the event, you may want to include some Biblical verse. For example, James 1:17 is an appropriate quote for christenings. It reads "...every perfect gift is from above."

If you don't want to quote directly from the Bible, you can use a short poem to mark the occasion. For example, you could use the following:

"Our baby is a blessing,
As wonderful as can be...
Please help us welcome her into Christ's family."

You can search online for inspiration for quotes and verses. After your opening poem, verse or statement, you can include a welcome sentence like the following:

"John and Maria Martinez invite you to share in the christening of their daughter Eva."

Include Important Details
Follow this welcoming statement with the details about the event, including the time, location and date. After this information, you can list the godparents' names, information about the party afterward and RSVP information.

If you are preparing for your child's baptism, you probably have many details to deal with beyond working out the right wording for an invitation. These guidelines will help you create tasteful and elegant invitations.

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