Tips for Baptism Speeches

A baptism is a special day in the life of a child, whether an infant or older child. Often at the luncheon or reception afterwards, family members are asked to give a little speech in honor of the event. Generally, fathers, grandfathers or godfathers give the speech, but the duty can be bestowed on any loving and caring family member or friend. A baptism speech should contain just the right words to impress upon everyone the importance of the event.

A week before the baptism, find out how many people are going to be there and who they are. This can help you tailor your speech to the listeners. If everyone is intimately familiar with each other, it creates a different atmosphere than a room of formal acquaintances.

A few days before the baptism, write down the thoughts that you want to express, but don't plan on reading them. It's just a technique to get your ideas and thoughts organized before speaking them out loud. A baptism speech is only a minute or two long, so you should have no problem speaking from memory and from the heart. However, practicing with a written speech can help you learn it faster.

In your speech, be sure to thank everyone who has come to witness the baptism. Explain your relationship to the child for those who don't know you. You can also mention a little about the parents and how they've prepared for this special day. It's appropriate to spend some time reflecting on the child and your wishes for his or her life ahead, especially in a religious context.

It's also a nice touch to quote a passage of scripture that is appropriate to the occasion. If you feel comfortable, you can read a baptism or christening poem that has special meaning. There are many to be found in Christian literature or online. Generally, a baptism speech is not the time for jokes or blunt humor, however if there is a gentle joke or subtle humorous anecdote you wish to share, you'll have to judge the personalities of those attending as well as those of the parents to determine if it is appropriate. Overall, the baptism speech is a time to let everyone reflect on and cherish the solemn religious occasion.

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