Theme Ideas for a Neighborhood Bash

Some neighborhoods hold annual block parties, when friends and neighbors get together to enjoy organized festivities, plenty of food and wonderful music. For event organizers of the block party, coming up with the theme is often the first step in executing a memorable neighborhood party.

Fiesta: Keep the theme of the block party a little bit spicy with a fiesta atmosphere. This one is easy to plan, with piñatas for the kids, taco and nacho bar, margarita station (both alcoholic and non) and plenty of festive music. Decorate with colorful streamers, chili pepper lights and tissue flowers to transform a tame street into a fun-loving south of the border party zone.

Neighborhood Olympics: Go for the gold with a neighborhood party theme that emphasizes activity and fun. Decorate with American flags and red, white and blue bunting. Organize street hockey tournaments, roller blade obstacle course, water balloon relays, hula hoop contests and jump rope events. Award medals to the winners and serve up All-American cuisine such as barbecued hot dogs and cheeseburgers, apple pie and all the side dishes you can come up with.

Survive the Island: Other block party ideas include TV shows, and you can choose the most popular reality show ever set on an island-Survivor. More than a luau, a survival theme allows for TV-style competitions using obstacle courses, tribes who wear colored bandanas, exotic food eating contests and strange-looking idols. Think tiki torches, bonfires and grass huts for décor and you're sure to have a hit block party.

Hollywood Hometown: Bring the bright lights of Tinseltown to your own block parties with a movie themed evening of glitz and glamour. A red carpet is a must to bring everyone to the main party place, and "paparazzi" can snap photos for take home favors. Set up director's chairs, scenery, and other movie set trappings to set the mood. Allow people to add their own stars to a "walk of fame" and set up an LCD projector to show a blockbuster family friendly show. Hold movie trivia contests, guess that scene games and serve a variety of fun foods that recall California-fresh fruits, cheese and crackers, shrimp cocktail, upscale meat dishes and more.

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Whether you are organizing the first block party in the area or you're adding your new block party ideas to a long neighborhood tradition, getting the word out about the block party is the first and most essential step to success.

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