Meeting the Neighbors With Great Block Party Ideas

Block parties are a great way to socialize with neighbors and enjoy summer or fall weather in your neighborhood. But they can't be planned by one person. It's way too much work. The best block party ideas happen when a group of neighbors take on the responsibility together. Here's a planning list for the block party that's sure to be the hit of the year:

  1. Get help. Rally neighbors together for a planning meeting. At the meeting, choose the date (majority rules is the best way since most will be there). Also decide on these things:
    • Food: potluck or potluck + chip in and purchase/cook (bbq dogs/burgers and everyone brings a side, paper goods, drinks or dessert to share)
    • Entertainment: will you hire a clown? Get the fire department to bring a fire truck over for the kids to climb around in? Have a magician or juggler? Comedian? Games with prizes? Music?
    • Permits & Clean-up: Can you get your street blocked off? What about a special garbage pickup?
  2. Discuss and commit to a budget. The money will be used for permits, entertainment, and whatever else you decide on. Collect the money then, if possible.
  3. Then divide into sub committees to divide up the responsibilities:
    • Hiring entertainment & securing permits and garbage collection, purchasing prizes (this person handles the money)
    • Hosting the food (cooking, table setup, garbage cans, collecting food)
    • Invitations to be made and distributed to all neighbors
    • Any neighbors who will lead games or host bike races, face painting, dancing, etc.
  4. Meet again before the event to touch base and make sure all is going smoothly.
  5. After the party happens, meet to give back any change from the money contributions, debrief, evaluate how it went, and make notes for next year's planning!
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Some neighborhoods hold annual block parties, when friends and neighbors get together to enjoy organized festivities, plenty of food and wonderful music. For event organizers of the block party, coming up with the theme is often the first step in executing a memorable neighborhood party.

Whether you are organizing the first block party in the area or you're adding your new block party ideas to a long neighborhood tradition, getting the word out about the block party is the first and most essential step to success.

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