How to Grill For a Large Group of Hungry Guests

When you are participating in the annual block party or neighborhood bash, grilled food is generally on the menu. It's relatively easy to pull off and everybody likes it, so fire up the grills and learn how to feed a large group of hungry guests armed with just a spatula and a bottle of barbecue sauce. Knowing how to grill for such a large group is easier when you follow these easy entertaining tips.

The success of grilling for a large group comes in the pre-planning stage. First make sure there is plenty of food for each guest to have at least one healthy helping. Whether you are doing marinated chicken breasts, hamburgers or hot dogs, have a little more on hand than you think you'll need, just to be safe. Marinate any chicken the day before the party, and transport it to the grill station in secured coolers. With ground beef, steak or ribs, also keep them in a cooler until it's time to grill.

Set up several grills at the block party so that there is always some grilled food coming right off. If you can put 8 to 10 pieces of chicken on at a time while the other grill is just finishing up its batch, you can ensure that there is always hot fresh food being loaded onto the guest's plate. Arrange the grills at the neighborhood party so that the guests can line up at a safe distance away from the grill, yet the grillers don't have to leave the meats in order to serve up the food. For large block parties, a folding table placed between the griller and the guest line serves as a good barrier where the task can still be completed.

Don't start grilling until the first neighborhood party guests arrive. Grilling doesn't take that much time and if you started grilling well before it's time to serve, guests will be treated to either a charred grilled item or one that is so tough from overeating that it becomes unappetizing. Put the meat on when the first large group of neighborhood block party guests arrive and they'll appreciate the tantalizing smells when it comes time to load up the plates.

As you are winding down and the food is dwindling, give out a last call to the block party for grilled food. That gives people a chance to head over for the fresh offerings from the grill if they're still hungry and want seconds.

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