Simple Bonfire Snacks

Bonfire snacks are just part of the fun. One of the favorite activities on any camping trip is eating. Sitting around a bonfire, toasting marshmallows and building s'mores evokes feelings of warmth and good memories. There are plenty of other bonfire snacks you can bring along on your next camping trip to shake things up or sustain yourself before and after the sugar rush.

Hot dogs are another bonfire snack which come to mind when you think about camping. Hot dogs are easy to make at a bonfire; like toasting a marshmallow, just put the hot dog on the end of a long stick and hold it over the fire until it is cooked. You can substitute hot dogs for sausages or kielbasa. Veggie hotdogs are a great idea for vegetarians.

Skewers also make good bonfire snacks, though transporting raw meat is not always easy. If you do choose to use steak, make sure it's kept in a cooler and is cold until you take it out. Your other option is to make veggie skewers, which you can hold over the campfire until lightly cooked. You can also make corn on the cob this way.

Any snack that is easily transportable and holds well is great to pass around the campfire. Popcorn, trail mix and chips make good bonfire snacks. You can pop your own popcorn over the fire by buying the type which comes in its own ready-to-heat container (plus a handle). Or you can put the popcorn in a pot with oil and hold it over the fire until it cooks. This can get quite hot, especially if you don't have a pot with a long handle. Stay away from snacks with chocolate, which has a tendency to melt and can get quite messy.

Of course you can't forget to bring the s'mores supplies. Graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows are a necessity. Toast marshmallows over the open flame until they're lightly brown. Then, squish them between the graham crackers with a piece of chocolate. Yum!

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