How to Throw a Beach Bonfire Party

Learn how to throw a beach bonfire party for a relaxing and fun way to spend an evening. If you live close to the beach or even if you're vacationing near the sandy shores, a beach bonfire party can heat up the fun during any season. Here's how to throw a beach bonfire party, creating a memorable evening.

Theme or Impromptu Gathering
Before planning, locate a clear section of beach for building the bonfire. Confer with local authorities about fire restrictions or laws. In some spots, a beach fire permit is necessary. Once you've received approval, determine whether you want a theme party or a simple informal gathering. If you plan in advance, you may choose to send invitations. List the location of the party, date, time, items attendees may choose to bring and an RSVP.

The Firepit
Once you're ready to set up the party area, plenty of considerations need to be taken into account. Consider the direction of the wind. Embers from the fire could drift to others at the beach or onto objects. If the wind is too strong, you should consider not building a fire. Rules regarding strong winds and bonfires should be spelled out in any materials received from law or fire officials.

Prepare a firepit for the bonfire. Dig a 12 to 18 inch-deep hole that's two to three feet larger than the fire you will build. Place a few small rocks in the bottom. To keep the fire within the firepit, line the ridge of the pit with large rocks.

Bring kindling and firewood to start the fire. Don't use any materials that cause toxic fumes. Paint, varnish and foam should be avoided. Also, don't use any board that has nails or staples. Strange things can happen when materials swell due to heat. Safety should be your main priority. Bring lighter fluid and a lighter to ignite the fire. Keep a bucket handy to fill with water or sand to extinguish the flames.

Fun and Food
A party isn't complete without entertainment or eats. Depending on the type of party you're hosting, consider offering several activities for partygoers. Beach volleyball and Frisbee are popular choices. For a more formal beach party, consider bringing a radio or CD player for music.

Again, if you're hosting a theme party, plan a menu that's easy to prepare at the beach. Consider items you'll need for grilling or roasting. Bring cooking utensils and serving items, including plates, cups, and silverware. Drinks can be kept cold in coolers. Glass bottles aren't a good item to take to the beach. Plastic bottles or cups are the best bet for satisfying thirsty guests.

Don't forget garbage bags. Cleanup will be a breeze. Don't leave garbage strewn on the beach. Haul garbage bags to designated trash cans. 

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