Fun Things to Do At a Bonfire

You always need a few things to do at a bonfire. After the sun goes down, a bonfire heats up the night. Sitting around a bonfire, sharing good times with friends or family, remains a favorite means of relaxation and fellowship. Originally, bonfires were part of a Celtic celebration to ward off evil spirits. In several European countries, bonfires are integral elements for holiday festivities. A bonfire should include more than simply sitting around the fire.

Music Matters
Music forms a common bond between people. Why not include it at a bonfire?

  • A radio or CD player provides hours of musical entertainment.
  • A DJ can spin tunes throughout the evening. Guests may want to take turns, or if costs aren't an issue, you may choose to hire a DJ to entertain during the evening.
  • A guitar supplies endless fun. If you or a friend plays, bring along the guitar and strum some tunes.
  • A sing-along offers everyone a chance to join in.

Activities Abound
Enjoyable games or activities can add a bit of spice to a bonfire. Check out these fire-up activities:

  • Charades. The classic pantomimed word-guessing game will bring laughter to the bonfire.
  • Conversation. Sometimes, a good conversation between friends sparks excitement and enjoyment.
  • Dance. Dancing in the dark in the light of the fire is a surefire way to get people grooving to the beat of the music.
  • Ghost stories. Spin a tale or two and show your creative talents.
  • Truth or Dare. A timeless party game, a round of truth or dare will reveal new details about your friends.

Food Favorites
What kind of food should be served at a bonfire? Let the season or locale dictate what is served. Finger foods work best and require minimal cleanup.

  • Baked potatoes. Wrap the veggie in aluminum foil, toss in the fire, and cook for an hour. Baked potatoes are a traditional food for Bonfire Night, or Guy Fawkes Day, celebrated on November 5.
  • Clambake. The traditional seaside bonfire dish steams clams, usually on a bed of seaweed, above the fire.
  • Hot Dogs or Sausages. Grill a hot dog over open flames.
  • S'mores. Chocolate and roasted marshmallows sandwiched between graham crackers please everyone.

The key to a successful bonfire is to provide a handful of activities and food that keep partygoers interest sparked.

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