How to Use Clambake Cookers

Clambake cookers are a great way to have a clambake even if you aren't allowed to have one the old fashioned way. This is a great way to cook up some of clambake dishes in quick and easy manner. Don't worry: using a clambake cooker will not affect the taste. Your lobster, clams and other dishes will come out tasting as if they were cooked in a pit by the ocean.

Not only will your food end up tasting absolutely delicious, but you won't have to wait hours before you can eat your favorite clambake dishes. If you use a clambake or pressure cooker, your food will be ready even faster than if you were using more traditional methods. This is a great route to go if you and your family are pressed for time and if you do not have the time or permits to make a pit for your clambake.

The following are some tips for how to use a clambake or pressure cooker. The foods you use depend on your preferences. Generally speaking, a clambake isn't a clambake if there are no clams or lobster involved; ideally, a clambake will involve both.

First, put about a cup and a half of water into your clambake or pressure cooker. Then, you will add bay lead, any herbs you are using, and some garlic. Be sure to season your food with some salt and pepper. If you are using potatoes, onions or other side-type foods, add them in now. Then, following this add clams if you are including them in your clambake. Next, you add the lobster, if you are cooking this. Lobster tails should be split in half, left in the shell, seasoned, then placed over the clams. Put some butter on the lobster and then add a few corn pieces on the layers. You are now read to cook.

Be sure to secure the cover and the place a pressure regulator on the vent pipe of this cooker. Keep an eye on the cooker: You want to cook the food for 4 minutes at 15 pounds of pressure. The regulator should rock slowly as the food is cooked. Make sure to cool the cooker as soon as the allotted time is over. Serve the food in large bowls and, if needed, add garnishes and extra seasoning.

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A clambake is a wonderful New England tradition that is the perfect party event. With backyard pits, modern grills and seafood markets across the US anyone can enjoy a clambake, even if they don't live in New England.

The following is an easy to make clambake recipe that just about anyone can manage. Just give yourself enough time to shop, plan, and set up the event and you will be ready to go.

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New England-style lobster clam bakes are a popular way to spend a nice summer day with friends, family members, neighbors and coworkers. Who doesn't like baking lobster, clams, potatoes and other foods while the sun is setting? The tradition of the clambake has been around for quite some time. In fact, its origins reach back to the start of the United States.

If you've always wanted to have a clambake but don't live near Martha's Vineyard, all is not lost. You can still engage in the clambake ritual at home.

Whether you're heading to the beach or having a backyard clam bake, it is important to consider all of the necessary supplies you'll need. Not only will you need to consider the menu and how you will cook your items, but you will also need to consider the decorations and seating arrangements.

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