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Everyone knows that lobster and clams are a big piece of any clambake, but some people forget to consider fresh seafood side dishes. No clambake is complete without some delicious side dishes to taste and dig into. Thus, when planning the supplies and menu of a clambake, you want to pay as much attention to the side dishes as to the lobster and clams you cook up. After all, a clambake is all about the company, setting and food. Once you have the right ingredients for your clambake, you can't go wrong!

Think outside the box when it comes to a clambake. You can have vegetable side dishes as well as some hearty seafood side dishes. If you take the clambake theme and think outside of the box, you can have traditional dishes with a twist. This will make your clambake something truly special and unique.

Chowder is a New England clambake tradition. You can make a variety of chowders to accompany the clams and lobsters you serve at your clambake. On the same note, consider investing in some soups, too; this can be a nice way to warm up once a breeze picks up during your clambake. Additionally, consider side dishes that don't have to be cooked up. Salads with clams or mussels are incredibly refreshing. You can even bring some salmon to use for dressing up your salads.

Consider taking clams and making some sides with them. You can stuff clams with just about anything. Also think about taking such stables as mushrooms and stuffing them with seafood, spinach, and feta. This takes side and dresses it up into something as delicious as it looks.

Do not think that just because you are having a clambake that you can not have pasta. Instead, try putting a clambake twist on some of your favorite pasta dishes. Crab ravioli or lobster ravioli are a great way of taking pasta and giving it a New England clambake twist.

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A clambake is a wonderful New England tradition that is the perfect party event. With backyard pits, modern grills and seafood markets across the US anyone can enjoy a clambake, even if they don't live in New England.

The following is an easy to make clambake recipe that just about anyone can manage. Just give yourself enough time to shop, plan, and set up the event and you will be ready to go.

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New England-style lobster clam bakes are a popular way to spend a nice summer day with friends, family members, neighbors and coworkers. Who doesn't like baking lobster, clams, potatoes and other foods while the sun is setting? The tradition of the clambake has been around for quite some time. In fact, its origins reach back to the start of the United States.

If you've always wanted to have a clambake but don't live near Martha's Vineyard, all is not lost. You can still engage in the clambake ritual at home.

Don't worry: using a clambake cooker will not affect the taste. Your lobster, clams and other dishes will come out tasting as if they were cooked in a pit by the ocean.

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