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Communion cakes are an essential part of any child's First Communion celebration. Following the solemn religious ceremony of the Eucharist, friends and family members often gather together to celebrate the child's decision to partake of the sacrament for the first time. Games, gifts and a communion cake are all part of the festivities that follow the First Communion. Either the cake or the writing on the cake should reflect the sacred nature of the event. These cake ideas all express the fact that your child has reached a major milestone:

White Cake: Since the First Communion is often associated with the color white-reflected in the child's clothing to represent purity-communion cakes often resemble wedding cakes in that they are lovely, white and elegant. Whether round, rectangle or layered, a pretty white cake accented with pastel flowers can capture the sweetness and sacredness of the event.

Cross: As the most recognized religious symbol, the cross makes a dramatic cake shape as well. Whether you use a cross cake pan or cut up a few 9- x 13-inch cakes, a cross cake is perfect for a First Communion event. The decorating possibilities are endless: it can be less embellished for a boy or covered with flowers for a girl.

Religious Symbols: The talented cake decorator can add religious symbols to a sheet cake. Some of the more popular ones are a rosary, chalice, Bible and cross. Angels are another popular symbol for a cake, especially when it's an angel food cake.

Dress Cake: For a little girl's First Communion, many parents purchase a lovely white dress, gloves and a veil for her. This traditional First Communion outfit is often the girl's first fancy clothing. A dress cake (a sheet cake cut into the shape of a dress) can be decorated using fancy frosting tips, real buttons and ribbon. Accent colors can match the party's theme as well.

Doll Cake: Create a lovely communion cake by creating a doll cake where the cake is the skirt of a doll. Matching the cake dress details to the little girl's First Communion dress is an extra nice detail. Add a little veil to the doll for a finishing touch.

When it is time to write on the cake, go with "May God Bless You" or "God Bless [child]" to remind your child of the reason for the big celebration.

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The meaning of first communion relates to a child being old enough to choose between right and wrong and deciding to partake of the Eucharist-the blood and body of Jesus Christ.

First Communion gift ideas should reflect the spiritual importance of communion in a child's life. This sacrament indicates obedience and faith in Christ, and it's traditional for family members to present gifts to the child on this special day.

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What should my son wear to his first communion? you ask. Unless there are strict requirements by the church on what children should wear, it's often a matter of personal preference regarding what is popular, yet conservative.

When determining how to make a First Communion banner, keep in mind that a handmade banner will cost less than a professionally printed one. You can also personalize the banner to reflect the experiences of your child specifically.

For a child's First Communion, consider communion centerpieces to pull the room together, present the theme of the party and set an atmosphere of serenity, peace and joy. Communion centerpieces don't have to be elaborate or expensive to be elegant.

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