Elegant First Communion Centerpieces

For a child's First Communion, consider communion centerpieces to pull the room together, present the theme of the party and set an atmosphere of serenity, peace and joy. Communion centerpieces don't have to be elaborate or expensive to be elegant.

Fragrant Flowers: Purchase small flowerpots in the party colors, and add embellishments as desired, such as an organza bow or angel charm. Fill the pots with soil, and include a small plant with a white flower in each one. Set several small potted flowers in clusters on the table, or use one large potted flower per table.

Candle Cluster: Gather three white pillar candles of different sizes. Place them on a round mirror form, antique china platter or other decorative holder. Accent the candles with silk flowers, ribbons or even a decorative rosary encircling all three candles.

Religious Symbols: These communion centerpieces require a little more effort to find the items, but they make a lovely statement about the importance of the day. On each table, place a loaf of artisan bread, a chalice and a cluster of grapes, accented with flowers as desired. Use artificial grapes found at a craft store, if real grapes won't work.

Vases: Fresh flowers are always a hit, no matter what the occasion. Choose fresh cut flowers that are either white (roses, carnations or lilies) or white and an accent color. Use tall clear vases with decorative glass bits in the bottom and an accent ribbon around the vase's neck.

Angelic Elegance: Go with an angel theme by taking advantage of many angel decorations and accessories available at online stores. Angel figurines grouped with silk flowers and tea lights make a sweet centerpiece. Or, use votive candles with figures of angels etched on the outside.

Edible Centerpiece: Make the centerpiece lovely and tasty using edible ingredients. Choose a cookie bouquet for each table, or a fruit bouquet. These clever ideas can be made just before the event or ordered from specialty stores. A candy pillar is another way to share the sweet experience with all the guests. Purchase several tall pillar vases, and fill them with colorful candies, such as jellybeans, candy-coated chocolates, Jordan almonds or other sweets. Place several empty personalized organza bags and a small scoop next to the jar. At the end of the event, each guest can fill a bag with candy using the scoop, and she can take home a delicious and memorable memento.

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The meaning of first communion relates to a child being old enough to choose between right and wrong and deciding to partake of the Eucharist-the blood and body of Jesus Christ.

First Communion gift ideas should reflect the spiritual importance of communion in a child's life. This sacrament indicates obedience and faith in Christ, and it's traditional for family members to present gifts to the child on this special day.

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What should my son wear to his first communion? you ask. Unless there are strict requirements by the church on what children should wear, it's often a matter of personal preference regarding what is popular, yet conservative.

Communion cakes are an essential part of any child's First Communion celebration, and either the cake or the writing on the cake should reflect the sacred nature of the event.

When determining how to make a First Communion banner, keep in mind that a handmade banner will cost less than a professionally printed one. You can also personalize the banner to reflect the experiences of your child specifically.

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