Family Reunion Invitation Ideas

Family reunions require considerable planning. Once the theme (if you have one), date(s), time(s), venue, and guest list are set, it's time to send out family reunion invitations. You want the invitation to be special, and set the mood for the event. You also want the invitation to entice people to come, because there are usually some fence-sitters when it comes to family reunions and a welcoming invitation may be just what they need to get them to come. Here are some ideas for family reunion invitations to get the ball rolling.

Personalized invitations
It's a great idea to personalize the invitation by creating it yourself, having a talented family member do it, or having it done for you. There are plenty of services to be found online that will put together and print a personalized invitation once you give them the details. You can include a collage of family pictures, or one photo of the family matriarch and patriarch. Regardless, having the family name right up front and center, looking big, bold and exciting will be a good way to start.

Make the invitation reflect the theme and mood of the event
If you're having a barbecue, choose a colorful invitation with some summertime themed graphics. Doing so will tell the recipient that the event is casual and summertime fun is included. If you're having a more formal dinner reunion, choose graphics, colors and design that will reflect the formality. Cursive fonts, (not too small for the older family members to read), and a flowing frame design on a muted color will help show that the event is fancy.

Choose wording carefully
The wording of the invitation needs to include the basic who-what-where-when-RSVP information. Beyond that, the way you express the invitation wording will say plenty. Look at the difference between "Great Aunt Bertha's Big Birthday Bash! The Brown Family is coming together to celebrate!" and "Emily and Jack are hosting a Reunion for the Briggs Family - Join us for cocktails, lunch and reminiscing."

Organizing RSVPs
A clever way to ensure you get the maximum responses is to designate responders from each nuclear family rather than having each person respond. That way, Cousin Daniel can tell you that he, his two brothers, their wives and four children will be coming. Be sure each responder knows who he will speak for upon RSVP-ing.

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