Family Reunion Souvenirs: Taking Home a Piece of the Family

When the family reunion is over, it is good to be able to preserve memories of the fun times and meaningful moments of the reunion. Souvenirs can make the end of the reunion sweet, as everyone departs with something to remember the event by. Here are some ideas for family reunion souvenirs to include at yours.

These days, t-shirt transfers can be printed on a computer printer and ironed onto shirts. If you have many to print, you can have them professionally done locally or via an Internet retailer. Some families get shirts for the guests that have a replica of the family tree, or are color coded to keep track of who is related to whom and how. Shirts can be designed any way you please; they can also include funny sayings or pictures.

Photo memories
It is a nice gesture to send everyone home with a small frame in which a picture of their favorite reunion memory can be displayed. Whether you take and print pictures at the events, email the pictures out later, or wait until they are developed from your own camera, everyone would appreciate a place to put their favorite.

Recipe book
Have everyone who's coming bring a favorite family recipe to share and make the dish so everyone can have some. The recipes get collected, copied and bound into a book for each family to take home. The book could also include some photos, or "Did you know" trivia and bits of family history. This could get expensive, but one per family generally keeps the costs in check.

Copy of the family tree
During the reunion, have the family tree as accurate as possible for everyone to see. Have guests fill in missing spots and correct any wrong entries. Fix it up and at the end, present everyone with a copy of the finished product.

Memory page
Have a blank page for each nuclear family at the reunion. During the events, have people write nice things on each other's pages - memories, jokes and nice sayings, for example. At the end, each family takes their page home in a laminated folder.

Disposable camera
Consider giving each family a disposable camera to take pictures during the reunion and upload their finished pictures to the family web page, or post them on a photo sharing site after the events. This is a gift for everyone because everyone will get the pictures that were taken by all with cameras, and not just their own.

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