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A family reunion is a great event. It's special because it gives relatives a chance to get reacquainted (or, in some cases, meet each other for the first time), share family stories and history and preserve memories. Family reunions take plenty of planning and it may be advantageous to begin by selecting a theme. You may be asking, "Isn't a family reunion a theme in itself? The theme is -family' right?" You're right about that. But, a family reunion can be easier to organize if you have a theme. Here are some ideas to show you how a theme can be helpful.

Celebration of a Family Event (Birthday, Anniversary)
If you have an older relative, celebrating that person's birthday can be a great reason to bring the whole family together. "Grandma Lou is 92!" Also, a milestone anniversary is a great reason as well. "Grandma Mae and Grandpa Joe have been married for 50 years! Let's get the family together and celebrate with them." "Celebrate the 10th grandchild for Marlene and Jon! Come and meet little Sammy and welcome him to the family." These are motivational, and give the family reunion an instant focus. Then the planning is easier, because you can think of birthday or anniversary celebration foods, decorations, memories to share and games and entertainment.

Outdoor Themes
A barbecue or clambake makes a great reason to come together in the summertime, when families find travel easier. Outdoor parties are easy to plan for, because it's easy to think of food, games, venue, and decorations aren't much of an issue either. You can have an outdoor family reunion at a beach, pool, park or in a big backyard. Games can include volleyball, horseshoes, croquet, tag, relay races, swimming, etc. Anything that can be cooked on a grill is fair game for an outdoor party, and potluck works great for these as well. Why not include some traditional family favorites? Aunt Edith's cole slaw would be great with some barbecue fare. Including family dishes can also give people a chance to bring the recipe and compile a family recipe book for guests to have copies of to take home.

Funny Themes
Depending on the ages in the family, or hobbies of various family members, family reunions can be planned around themes such as "Family Fiesta!" "Hawaiian Luau Reunion" or "Family Feud Reunion" for a game theme.

Holiday Themes
Family reunions are great on holiday weekends. People are already off an extra day so travel is easier, and family time is appreciated. Thanksgiving is a great time for family reunions, or choose a summer holiday such as Independence Day weekend. It also makes for a great reason to get together and allows for easy food planning and decorating.

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If you're wondering how to plan a family reunion, relax. After all, this is family and when you're around family, life shouldn't be stressful.

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