Fun Family Party Games

Family party games are a fun way to interact and have fun. When playing games as a family, you want to choose games that the variety of ages in your family can enjoy together. Here are some family choices that are fun for adults and kids alike, are easy to learn, and require very little cleanup.

Apples to Apples, published by Mattel, involves comparing different nouns to one adjective card, with the judge making the decision of which noun submitted to go with the adjective card is the best choice. Since it's a matter of opinion, it requires no previous knowledge or skill, and instead relies on people to second guess the judge. Players may find themselves trying to decide which best goes with "refreshing": "Brad Pitt", "ice cream", "the North Pole", or "a snow day". There are Junior and other themed versions available as well.

Snorta, published by Out of the Box Publishing, is a game involving having your own little barn and animal figure inside. Players also have cards in front of them, face up. When a player turns a card face up in the middle, if there is a match with one of the player's cards which is face up in front of him, the two players race to make the animal sound of each other's animals. It turns into raucous fun with players mooing, quacking, oinking, and trying to remember each other's animals. Barn animals get switched periodically too, so it gets challenging!

Pictionary (do it yourself version)
What you need: a large pad of paper, a dark marker, strips or small pieces of paper, pens/pencils, a timer, and a bowl

How to play: The setup: everyone writes a word on the piece of paper. The word may be a noun or verb, or a term, such as "return address." Each person may write about five different words or terms, each on its own piece of paper, fold it in half, and put it into the bowl. Divide the group into two teams. The game play: The first player takes a paper from the bowl, secretly reads it, takes the dark marker, and tries to draw the picture. The timer is started. He tries to get his team to guess the term written on his paper. He may not write letters or symbols, or otherwise act or speak. If he fails, he hands his paper to a player on the other team, who tries to get her team to guess the word in the same way in under 3 minutes. The team who guesses the word correctly gets a point. Then the player from the opposing team takes a new paper and continues the game, even if they just had a turn with the first team's failed attempt. Game play continues until the words have all been guessed, or an agreed-upon ending time has been reached. The team with the most points wins.

Other popular choices: Cranium, 20 Questions, Jenga, Boggle, 10 Days in the USA (very educational!).

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