What Is Friends and Family Day

Celebration time

When it comes to celebrations, we have plenty of days each year to do just that: celebrate. If you pull out your calendar, you will see at least a day or two each month that are designated to celebrate or honor someone or something. We celebrate a new year's arrival with goals and aspirations, we shower our significant other's with flowers and candy on Valentines Day, we set off fireworks and have BBQ's' on the Fourth of July, we celebrate how hard we work with some good ole' time off at the end of the summer with Labor Day, and we give thanks for what we have with a feast on Thanksgiving.

One day of celebration you won't see on a specific day on your calendar is Friends and Family Day, although we would all like to think we celebrate our friends and family each and every day.

Friends and Family Day

Friends and Family Day is a great idea, and would be a wonderful day to honor those we love the most, but it is not an official holiday or day we celebrate nationally in the U.S. Although we don't celebrate it on a national level, there are plenty of off-the-calendar Friends and Family Day events that go on year-round in a variety of places. One major way we celebrate our friends and families is through a local church event. Churches all across the country will throw a special celebration to honor their friends and family in order to develop more fellowship between members, and it is also used as a tool to inspire potential new members to be a part of their weekly congregation.

Friends and Family Day is also used as a business tool at places like gyms, wellness centers, spas, and many, many other businesses. These companies will hold the event with hopes that it will bring in new business and clients. It's also a nice way to meet new people and to socialize.

Another place you will often see Friends and Family Day celebrated is at school. Families will come together to eat, shmooze, take pictures, and to simply enjoy themselves and their children. Often times it will coordinate with a specific class, like music or band.

Even though we don't officially celebrate the holiday in the states, there are many places around the world who do choose to recognize this as a yearly event. Countries that you can expect to celebrate with are South Africa, Australia, and three provinces in Canada—Alberta, Ontario, and Manitoba.

Honor your family with a reunion

If you like the idea of having an annual event where you honor your family and friends with a celebration, one great way to do so is to plan a yearly family reunion. You can get everyone involved in the planning too, or at least those interested, which is another great way to spend extra time with your loved ones. A family reunion is a great way for friends and family to come together, reminisce about the past, learn about genealogy, participate in fun-filled activities together, share good food, and lots of laughs.

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