7 Ways To Write Meaningful Farewell Messages

At several of life's crossroads, sending farewell messages to friends, family members or co-workers is one way to express how you feel. Whether the farewell is temporary or permanent, writing a farewell message can let those you've associated with know what they've meant to you.

Be Sincere. A sincere farewell letter can capitalize on all the things you've maybe meant to say but just never expressed it. Deliver a sincere goodbye to a trusted mentor or boss who has helped you professionally. A sincere farewell message is also a good choice for an instructor or professor who has inspired you or paved the way for your future career. Key words for a sincere farewell message include: appreciate, understand, realize, value.

Be Appreciative. Striking an appreciative tone can express affection toward someone with whom you've developed a close work relationship bordering on friendship. Whether it's the person in the next cubicle over that you lunch with or the playgroup parent you've gotten to know over the last few years, a tender note will let them know how much that friendship has sustained you. Key words include: sustain, endure, like, enjoy, grateful.

Be Professional. Professional farewell messages can be written for a work group, division or even a boss. Strike the balance between business writing and genuine appreciation by keeping the goodbye brief and specific. Key words include: develop, cultivate, progress, motivation, come together.

Be Simple. Sometimes your association with someone is on such a level that a simple letter or note card will suffice. Whether it's a note to your family doctor letting him know you are moving or your child's teacher, a simple and direct message is a nice gesture. Key words include: thanks, remember, goodbye.

Be Funny. Depending on the relationship with the recipient, a funny farewell can represent your relationship. Especially for men saying farewell to other men, keeping it funny can deliver the message without heavy emotion. Sometimes saying the opposite of how you really feel can also give a funny tone. Key words include: better off, resigned, prepared to accept, witty, amusing.

Be Poetic. Often, poetry can be used to communicate a farewell message when prose is not enough. Whether you choose a poem that is silly or one that is extremely sorrowful, plenty of verses can give your message poetic wings and make it truly meaningful for the recipient. Key sources include: poetry and quotation Web sites, classic poetry such as Shakespeare and even self-penned poems.

Be Tender. For those seeking to express true feelings of regret at someone's departure, go with a tender letter of goodbye. Write how leaving them will really affect you, and let them know in what way they've changed your life for the better. Key words include: miss, regret, wish, love.

With these tips, you can be sure you are saying goodbye on the right note.

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Why not make saying goodbye simple and throw a farewell party? Everyone can visit at one time, no one gets left out and you can leave with warm memories of friends and family.

When you write a farewell speech, it is usually delivered on a professional level and consists of thoughts and feelings about past associations and future possibilities. You won't need to rely on a speech writer if you use these tips.

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Saying farewell to co-workers is easy for some and difficult for others. A farewell can be as simple as a group e-mail or as complicated as a farewell speech, but these tips can help you in any situation.

Your kids have played together. Your husbands coordinated and erected that wooden fence between your properties, and installed a gate between the two yards. This neighbor has been your dearest friend: you have shared raising your children, she gave you that great flowering bush out front, and you even shared your family recipes with her.

Sometimes reading sample farewell letters is all it takes to spark your inner muse so you can compose a farewell letter of your own. These templates can help you organize your thoughts.

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