How To Say Farewell To Co-Workers

Saying farewell to co-workers is easy for some and difficult for others. Depending on how long you've been at the job, the associations you've made and your position in the company, a farewell can be as simple as a group e-mail or as complicated as a farewell speech at a gathering in your honor, but these tips can help you in any situation.

Keep It Simple: There's no need to recount each year you've been with the company or explain your reasons for leaving. Merely mention the fact that you've been offered a position somewhere else and that you'll be leaving on a certain date. Job search details, salary negotiations or even details on your new job are not necessary in a farewell to co-workers.

Keep It Positive: Never say farewell to co-workers via a negative delivery. Don't recount all the things wrong with the company or the boss, and never express how you can't wait to leave. Instead, touch on how you're grateful for everyone's friendship, for the goodbye party and farewell banner and for your time among them all. Keeping your farewell message on a positive note sets the tone for how you'll be remembered at the company and expresses a lot about your true personality.

Keep It Personal: Whether you say farewell to a co-worker in person, via e-mail or via a card, try to personalize it by pointing out something you've appreciated about your association with them. You could mention a successful project you worked on together or express gratitude about how your co-worker always kept the office laughing. If you've received a farewell gift, be sure to mention it specifically.

Keep It Open: Always express the desire to stay in touch with the co-worker, even if it's just for questions or for sending holiday cards. A written farewell can include a personal e-mail address or cell phone number, or you can write those down for the co-worker you are bidding farewell to in person. Even if you don't envision a time when you'll actually communicate beyond your time at work, it's always a good idea for networking purposes. You never know when giving out your contact information will benefit you professionally in some way.

With a graceful exit, your co-workers will remember you well, and you will strengthen your network for the future.

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