Gifts for Neighbors Who Are Moving Away

When you think of your neighbors, do you smile? Maybe you have shared a property line, a few tools and countless summer evenings together while your kids raced across the lawns catching fireflies. Maybe they were the considerate neighbors who helped carry the new TV up three flights of stairs and brought soup from the deli when you had the flu. When that special neighbor is moving away, it is time to let them know how much you appreciate them.

Gift baskets are excellent choices for going-away gifts. A gift basket can be customized to fit a variety of budgets and creative themes. Remember, a gift basket does not have to be an actual basket. It can be any type of container: a tote bag, large popcorn bowl or even a cooler.

Memories basket

When you have shared several special memories with your neighbor, a moving-away gift is a wonderful opportunity to commemorate those times. If you have spent countless hours hanging out in your yards sharing outdoor fun, consider using a cooler or picnic basket for the container. To keep with the theme, include the makings for your favorite patio drinks, like margarita mix or lemonade for the kids, the makings for s'mores and a photo album filled with pictures of the good times you have shared. Did your neighbor always borrow your garden shears or barbecue tongs? Include a new pair with a note reminding them to share with their next neighbor.

Digital photo frame

A digital photo frame allows a user to download photos via a memory card or with a USB cable from a computer to the device. Once the images are loaded, they appear as framed art and can be set to change at various intervals. Digital photo frames vary in price and can be a thoughtful gift for neighbors who are moving away. After purchasing the digital photo frame, download a series of photos sharing fun moments together, leaving space for your neighbor to add pictures of their own.

Local food and fun

A basket or reusable grocery tote can be filled with local food items and goodies. Hit the farmer's market and select specialty jams, sauces and homemade pastas. Is your area known for any particular products? Include that, too. If your neighbors are moving a significant distance but to an area with the same national restaurants, add a gift certificate to one. Include a note telling your neighbor you can still go out to eat together despite the miles. Arrange to eat out "together" on the same night. Share your dining experience afterward via phone or social networking.

New town tote

Tote bags make wonderful containers for a variety of gifts. They eliminate the need for fancy, expensive wrap and can be eco-friendly. For a neighbor moving to a new city, create a moving-away gift that celebrates the new locale. If you are not familiar with the area, visit the city's website or online Chamber of Commerce. The city's or county's visitors' and convention bureau may have links to freebies and discounted coupons for local attractions and restaurants. You can print them out and include them in the tote bag. Order a gift certificate online for a restaurant in the new city and/or from the local cinema. Your neighbor will appreciate a night out after a hectic move.

Gift of time

Moving is hectic, stressful and time-consuming. A most appreciated gift of your time can make all the difference for your neighbor when they are working on the move. If they have children, offer to baby-sit, allowing the adults a full, kid-free day to pack and clean. As they're boxing things up, cook a meal and deliver it. This may really be appreciated after much of the kitchen has been packed. Or, grab your rubber gloves and roll up your sleeves. Pitch in to help your neighbor with that last-minute, frenzied cleaning after the boxes are all packed and gone arrive.

No matter what gift you choose for neighbors who are moving away, approach the gift-giving with a little planning, creativity and sentimentality. Keep the gift from the heart, and it will be appreciated and treasured.

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