Writer's Block Read These Sample Farewell Letters

Sometimes reading sample farewell letters is all it takes to spark your inner muse so you can compose a farewell letter of your own. Whether you are preparing a note for a company send off or simply bidding farewell to a close associate, these templates can help you organize your thoughts.

Sample Letter #1: Business/Professional
A farewell letter to a business associate, whether a longtime client, boss, mentor or even a co-worker who has positively influenced your professional life.

Dear Mr. Johnson,

Let me take this moment to let you know I'll be leaving Smith Company for a position at LaBeau Company at the end of the month. I want to express my appreciation for our association and count my time working with you to be some of the most enjoyable of my career.

Your guidance and mentoring was truly helpful when I started here 4 years ago, and I've really grown professionally while here at Smith Company. While I'm sad to leave this group, I am looking forward to the new experiences that await me at my new job. I'd love to stay in touch, so please feel free to contact me at [personal e-mail address]. Thank you for all you've done.

Jane Doe

Sample Letter #2: Personal/Association
A farewell letter to someone you have tender feelings for or have grown close to outside of a work environment.

Dear Denise,

I can't believe this semester is over and graduation is here. I've enjoyed being your roommate for the past two years. Whenever I think of my time here at Smith U, I'll always remember our late-night pizza runs, the marathon we tried to train for and passing advanced chemistry together.

You've helped me get through some extremely difficult times, making me smile even when I didn't feel like it. I'll always appreciate the positive influence you've been to me, and I hope to keep our friendship alive throughout the coming years, even though we'll be on opposite ends of the country. Please keep in touch, and drop me a note at my personal e-mail address [e-mail address here]. Again, thanks for everything you've done for me.


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Why not make saying goodbye simple and throw a farewell party? Everyone can visit at one time, no one gets left out and you can leave with warm memories of friends and family.

When you write a farewell speech, it is usually delivered on a professional level and consists of thoughts and feelings about past associations and future possibilities. You won't need to rely on a speech writer if you use these tips.

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Saying farewell to co-workers is easy for some and difficult for others. A farewell can be as simple as a group e-mail or as complicated as a farewell speech, but these tips can help you in any situation.

Your kids have played together. Your husbands coordinated and erected that wooden fence between your properties, and installed a gate between the two yards. This neighbor has been your dearest friend: you have shared raising your children, she gave you that great flowering bush out front, and you even shared your family recipes with her.

At several of life's crossroads, sending farewell messages to friends, family members or co-workers is one way to express how you feel. Writing a farewell message can let those you've associated with know what they've meant to you.

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