Fiesta Invitations

Fiesta invitations should be colorful and should reference the culture of Mexico. You may want to write out the invitations in Spanish or create a bilingual card, and you can also incorporate the colors of the Mexican flag.

The Mexican Flag
The colors of the Mexican flag are equal parts of green, white and red, with the National Symbol in the center of the flag, directly in the middle of the white. The color green stands for the hope that backed the Independence Movement. The white stands for purity of soul and purity of the Catholic faith. The color red stands for blood-the blood that has been shed by the Mexican people in their stand against their enemies while fighting for independence.

Each color and each section of the flag is important to the Mexican people. Therefore, a fiesta invitation that is simply three equal parts green, white and red would satisfy your objectives.

Other Mexican Symbols
Creating a three-dimensional fiesta invitation card by using several copies of the same symbol is also a fun way to invite friends to a fiesta. A picture of a margarita would not only tell your guests that it is a fiesta, but also that there will be drinks involved. Cut out two or three copies of the same picture, and then superimpose them over one another, taking care to place tiny bits of double-sided tape between each picture. The tape will create lift and depth. The same can be done with maracas or a large plate of nachos. For the last layer, cut out several of the nachos, and add them to the top of the nacho plate with the same type of tape. This gives the illusion of depth and creates height.

Chili peppers can be stenciled to the top of a blank invitation card, as well. Because the jalapeno pepper signifies hot foods and also is associated with fiestas and Mexican dishes, it's not hard to figure out that the party will be a fiesta if a pepper is stenciled or embossed on the top of the card. If using stencils, add one jalapeno to each card, and then use colored pencils or markers to create different colored peppers so that each pepper stands out. Use colors that range from yellow to orange to red to green. Guests will be pleased when they realize that everyone received a unique fiesta invitation.

Mosaic Fiesta Invitation
If you have the time, try your hand at mosaic. To create a mosaic jalapeno, use stencils to draw the outline, or use freehand drawing. Then glue bits of paper cut to roughly the size of hot pepper seeds to the center of the pepper. The bits of paper can be made by using colored paper and a paper punch or a pair of scissors. You could also tear the paper for a rougher look. The paper can be anything from tissue to cardstock in any color that you might find on a chili pepper.

What To Say In An Invitation
The inside of the fiesta invitation should include the name of who is giving the party, the date and time of the party, the location of the party and finally the reason for the party-if there is one. If your guests will require directions to the party location, this should also be included. If you want your guests to dress up, please add a line to the inside of the invitation. This is also a good place to include notes, including a contact number.

Don't write important information on the back of the envelope because the envelope will most likely be discarded. Instead, everything should be written on the inside of the card. If you plan on creating the invitation in Spanish, make sure all of your guests can read Spanish. If there is a chance someone cannot, it's best to create a bilingual card so that everyone understands the message.

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