Kid-Friendly Mexican Fiesta Party Ideas

Mexican fiesta party ideas for children should play up the bright colors associated with the fiesta. You also can't go wrong by making a piñata or maracas.

How To Make A Burro Piñata
Creating a piñata is not as hard as it might at first appear. Materials that you will need include a strip of cardboard for the tail, 2 triangle-shaped pieces of cardboard for the ears, tissue paper, 5 toilet paper rolls, a stack of newspapers, water, flour, 1 large balloon, 1 small balloon, glue, large goggle eyes and plenty of candy.

Making The Tail And Legs: Gather and cut out the cardboard that you need. Cut the tissue paper into 4-inch strips that have been snipped every 2 inches to create a ruffled look. Wrap the tissue around the toilet paper rolls, and glue in place. If the neck looks awkward with a full toilet paper roll, cut it in half. Use different colored tissue paper to create the hooves, tail, legs, neck and ears. When you have covered these items, set them aside until the body and head are finished.

Making The Papier-Mâché Body: Tear the newspaper into strips. Mix 3 parts water to 1 part flour in a large bowl. Stir until creamy. Blow up both balloons, and tie the ends. The large balloon will be the body of the burro, and the small balloon will be the head. Drag the newspaper strips through the flour mixture so that they become soaked and covered in paste. Drape the wet newspaper strips over the balloon. Cover the balloons with no more than 2 to 3 layers of newspaper. Set the papier-mâché balloons aside for a day or two to dry. When the newspaper has dried, pop the balloons, and set the items aside while you glue on the legs, tail and neck. Don't forget to cut out a hole for hanging the piñata and also a hole for pouring in the goodies.

Once you have glued the extremities to the burro's body, use additional strips of tissue paper to cover the head and body. Glue the goggle eyes to the burro, fill it with candy and toys, plug the hole, hang the burro and get ready for some excitement. Give one child a small plastic bat and a blindfold, and let the children take turns batting at the piñata until it breaks. Make sure all of the children stand far enough away from the piñata so that there is no chance of injury from the swinging bat.

Play Pin The Tail On The Burro
Playing pin the tail on the donkey somehow doesn't seem as much fun as pinning the tail on the burro. Find a photo of a burro that is as cute as it is chubby. If possible, cover the burro and the background in textured fabric, and for a finishing touch make sure the burro tails have fuzzy ends. Children love texture. Imagine the giggles as they feel their way across the poster, hoping to discover the exact spot where the tail should be placed.

How To Make Maracas
To make authentic maracas, start early by checking out the garden for supplies. Various gourds can be dried with the seeds still inside and then painted in bright colors to be used as maracas. Because gourds are extremely hard to cut into once they have dried, it's best if you find a gourd that already has plenty of dried seeds inside. If, however, the gourd you have doesn't rattle much, you can always use an electric drill to make a hole in the gourd, and add a variety of seeds or small pebbles to the gourd. If you add more rattle to the gourd, make sure you secure the hole so seeds and pebbles aren't falling out all over the place.

Paint the gourds in bright colors with equally bright designs. Stripes, dots, triangles and squiggly lines all work well on homemade maracas.

Important: Power tools are not toys. An electric drill should never be used by anyone who is underage, inebriated or physically unable to handle the drill. Additionally, an electric drill should only be used according to the manufacturer's directions and then only when eye protection is being used. To keep the gourd from moving when you are drilling into it, secure it in a vise before you begin. If you plan on adding seeds to the gourds in this manner, have an adult do this long before the children arrive. 

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