How to Host a Great Dessert Party

If you love to entertain, but your budget can't handle a big hit right now, think about hosting a dessert party. Serving sugary delights is a great way to bring family and friends together in a less expensive way. Being the host of a great dessert party is easier than you think.

Fondue parties have become all the rage again for good reason, one of them being that you don't have to be Martha Stewart to successfully pull one off. You can do all of the food prep work ahead and then sit back and enjoy the fun. There is something about dipping long forks into a communal pot that relaxes people and keeps the conversation going.

Successful fondue parties

Hosting a great dessert party begins with a plan. First, figure out your guest list, then match the fondue dishes to your guests' individual tastes. One great feature about a fondue dessert party is that even the guests who watch their sugar intake can munch on pieces of fresh fruit without feeling left out.

Gather as many fondue pots and forks as needed for the number of people you will be serving. If you plan to make fondue parties a common event, it's probably worth investing in fondue pots and accessories, making sure that you have the correct type of pot for the particular fondue ingredient you put in it. If your budget won't stretch that far, borrow what you need from family and friends.

Decide how many tables you will need. Will everyone be seated at one table for communal dipping, or will there be several tables with different dessert fondues around which guests will mingle standing up and holding dessert plates? If the latter is your strategy, you should provide some guest seating as well.

Ideas for dessert fondue

How to host a great dessert party begins with good recipes. Best Fondue.Com offers some yummy fondue recipes in addition to everyone's favorite, chocolate. Sure, chocolate goes with just about everything, including ever-popular fruits such as strawberries, bananas, and apples. But don't forget that caramel, butterscotch and coffee fondues can round out a great dessert party menu. Those flavors work perfectly with pieces of pound cake, biscotti, and marshmallows.

Making a fondue can be as simple as opening a can of prepared frosting and then mixing in a little cream until you hit on the right consistency. Using about a pound of fresh or frozen berries is another quick way to make a fantastic fondue. Simply place your berry of choice (or a mixture) into a blender and puree. Press the puree through a fine strainer to remove any seeds and then pop the mixture into a saucepan. Add about a quarter cup of sugar, or to taste, and heat just until the sugar dissolves. Be sure to watch your pot closely because you don't want the fondue mixture to burn.

What to drink

Hosting a great dessert party includes offering a variety of beverages tailored for your guests. While some may prefer simple coffee or tea options, others may appreciate a gourmet approach with well-chosen dessert wines or even Champagne, depending upon the occasion. If children are present, be sure to serve milk or effervescent flavored water that won't add to their sugar levels like soda or sugary fruit drinks would.

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If you are trying to come up with a creative activity for another birthday party that will be memorable, fun and inexpensive, consider a fondue party.

Today's fondue has a long and interesting culinary history. Many cultures take credit for dunking pieces of meat, bread and even fruit into hot pots, and the earliest example of fondue is documented in Homer's Iliad, where he describes a mixture of wine, goat's cheese and flour.

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Consider hosting a fondue party the next time you're planning a get-together. Fondue parties cut down on your prep time, and the food is delicious. If guests don't know each other that well, the act of communal eating offers an immediate conversation topic. Here's how to do it right.

You don't need a main course to have a wonderful meal. You and your friends can show off your finest sweet recipes at a dessert party.

Dessert fondue is going mainstream, especially with the rise in appeal of chocolate fountains, exquisite miniature desserts, and plenty of options to use melted chocolate in unique ways. Making a dessert fondue is a great idea when you've got some entertaining scheduled for the evening; this elegant and fun dessert can serve as a centerpiece at a party or buffet, and will definitely have your guests talking!

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